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The moment the sperm fertilises the egg.
The inner feeling you are doing right or wrong.
corporate responsibility
A community or society takes responsibility for the care of the people within it.
crime against the person
Wrongdoing that directly harms a person, eg murder, assault.
crime against the state
An offence aimed at damaging the government or a country, eg treason.
crime against property
Damaging items that belong to somebody else, eg vandalism.
The end of life which can be determined in several ways but normally when the brain stops functioning.
Reliance on somebody or something else.
designer babies
Babies with gender and characteristics chosen by their parents, which is currently illegal.
To put people off committing crimes. One of the aims of punishment.
A substance, which when taken, affects the body or mind.
drug abuse
Using drugs in a way which harms the user.
drug classification
There are three legal categories by which illegal drugs are classified in British law according to the level of harm they do and how addictive they are.
early release
When a prisoner is allowed out of prison even though they have not completed their sentence, or fulfilled the criteria for getting parole.
A class A recreational drug.
electronic tagging
An offender has to wear an electronic device which tracks their movement to ensure restrictions of movement are observed.
Fertilised ovum at about 12 – 14 days when implanted into the wall of the womb.
The study of human embryos.
The belief that at one moment the foetus receives a soul (some believe it doesn’t).
eternal life
Everlasting life after death.