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medically prescribed drugs
Drugs prescribed by a doctor as part of medical treatment.
mercy killing
Term sometimes used for euthanasia.
State of sadness over the death of a loved one.
The addictive drug contained in tobacco.
non-medical use of drugs
The taking of drugs for reasons other than because of medical need.
Someone who has done wrong, eg broken the law.
When a prisoner is released without having completed their sentence, because they have behaved well and accepted their guilt. The prisoner is monitored to try to ensure that they do not re-offend.
passive euthanasia
Allowing a terminally or incurably ill person to die by withdrawing or withholding medical treatment that would only prolong the suffering and have no real benefit.
peer pressure
Influence exerted by friends on each other.
prescription drugs
Drugs legally obtained only with a doctor’s consent.
primitive streak
Fertilised ovum at about 14 days when the backbone begins to appear.
prison reform
A movement that tries to ensure offenders are treated humanely in prison.
An alternative to prison where an offender has to meet regularly with a probation officer to ensure that they do not re-offend. Movement may be restricted.
property crime
A category of crime that affects peoples’ property, eg arson, burglary, theft, shoplifting and vandalism.
To stop the criminal hurting anyone in society. An aim of punishment.
quality of life
A measure of fulfilment.
recreational drugs
Drugs taken by people for fun.
To change someone’s behaviour for the better. An aim of punishment.
rehabilitation (rehab)
The process by which addicts are helped to defeat their addiction to drugs.
religious offence
An offence against religion, eg blasphemy, sacrilege.