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An aim of punishment designed to help an offender to put something back into society.
residential home
A large building with individual rooms for the elderly. Meals and a communal room for socialising are provided.
To ‘get your own back’ on the criminal, based on the Old Testament teaching of ‘an eye for an eye’. An aim of punishment aimed at being proportionate to the offence committed.
sanctity of life
Life is sacred because it is God-given.
saviour siblings
A child conceived by IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to save the life of an incurably ill sibling through the use of the cord blood.
self determination
Refers to the right to make decisions for oneself in life. It is an argument use by those who agree with voluntary euthanasia.
social environment
The background in which a person lives.
social drugs
Legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc.
soft drugs
Illegal drugs that are not believed by the users to lead to dependency or serious side- effects.
Some aerosols, glue and gas lighter refills abused by sniffing, which can cause hallucinations and can be fatal.
stem cell
A cell, most often taken from a 4 – 5 day old embryo (blastocyst), whose role in the body is yet to be determined.
A form of fertility treatment in which a woman’s egg is fertilised artificially by another woman’s partner or an embryo from another couple is created through IVF and then implanted into the ‘host’ wo
test-tube baby
Term used for a baby created outside of the woman’s body.
transplant surgery
When someone else’s organs are put into a patient.
value of life
The value of a person over and above physical value.
The point at which a foetus could survive if it were to be born.
An aim of punishment that means offenders must be punished to show that the law must be respected and is right.
voluntary euthanasia
A terminally ill person asks a doctor or a friend to help them die peacefully and with dignity. It can be called ‘mercy killing’ or ‘assisted suicide’.
A newly fertilised ovum.