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Basic equations for both courses

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weight =
mass x gravity
work done =
force x distance
force applied to spring=
spring constant x extension
distance =
speed x time
acceleration =
change in velocity/time taken
force =
mass x acceleration
Kenetic Energy =
1/2 x mass x speed^2
Gravitational Potential Energy =
mass x gravity x height
power =
energy transferred/time
power 2 =
work done/ time taken
efficiency =
useful output energy/total input energy
efficiency 2 =
useful power output/total power input
wave speed =
frequency x wavelengh
charge flow =
current x time
potential difference =
current x resistance
power 3 =
potential difference x current
power 4=
(current)^2 x resistance
energy transferred=
power x time
energy transferred 2=
charge flow x potential difference
density =