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Romanesque Art and Architecture, Pt II Title

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St. Lazare, Autun
Ste. Madeleine
Morgan Madonna
Saint Michael
Saint Pierre
Sainte Marie
St. Jerome's Commentary on Isaiah
Tree of Jesse
Gregory's Moralia on Job
Saint Étienne
Bayeaux Tapestry
Durham Cathedral
Gloucester Candlestick
Worchester Chronicle
Holy Sepulchre
Temple Church
Saint John and the Baptist
Albani Psalter
Life of St Edmund
Bible of Bury St. Edmunds
Altar Cross of Bury St Edmunds
Adoration of the Magi Ivory
Lewis Chessmen
Saint Trophime
Codex Colbertinus
Notre Dame Abbey
Crucifixion Window, Saint Pierre Cathedral
Saint Savin-sur-Gartempe
Reliquary Bust of St. Baudime
Casket with Scenes of Courtly Love
Reliquary Chasse of Champagnat
Saint Font
Sacramentary of Saint Etienne of Limoges
Spitzer Crucifix
Eucharistic Dove
Crosier with Serpent Devouring a Flower
Saint Giles