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Malignancies & related disorders

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neoplasm that presents with widespread involvement of bone marrow & blood
lymphoid neoplasm that presents as a distinct tissue mass
myeloproliferative disorder
an increased proliferative drive for one or more mature blood elements
acute myeloid leukaemia
rapidly progressive malignancy characterized by failure of myeloid cells to differentiate beyond blast stage
chronic myeloid leukaemia
myeloproliferative disorder characterized by increased proliferation of the granulocytic cell line without the loss of their capacity to differentiate
acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
malignant disease of the bone marrow in which early lymphoid precursors proliferate and replace normal marrow cells. 75% in children <6 yrs old.
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
indolent disease characterized by clonal malignancy of mature B-cells
multiple myeloma
neoplastic proliferation of a clone of plasma cells producing a monoclonal immunoglobulin
Hodgkin lymphoma
malignant proliferation of lymphoid cells with Reed-Sternberg cells
non-Hodgkin lymphoma
malignant proliferation of lymphoid cells of progenitor or mature B or T cells
follicular lymphoma
most common type of indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma
diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
most common type of aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Burkitt's lymphoma
most common type of highly aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma