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Ni je na?
How are you?
I zhe anwe
I'm fine
Jo zhe mno ye'si
I'm not well
I je ye' i e'mno bmadziyan
So it is that I'm doing well
Gets makes ma she na anwe e'bmadziyan
Doing poorly but still alive
Gin je?
And you?
Gin je na gmno bmades ne?
And you, are you well?
Ni je e'she ne kasyen?
What is your name?
Don ndesh ne kas
My name is
Ni pi je we'ch byayen?
Where are you from?
Mo ndoch byayen
I'm from
Neshnabe’ ne gdaw?
Are you aboriginal?
Éhé’ neshnabe ndaw
Yes, I'm aboriginal
Ni je e'niyen?
What nation?
Bodwéwadmi ndaw
I am Potawatomi
Bama mine
Later again
Bama wpi
See you later