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What do you want?
We'gni mazhicshe'yan?
What are you doing?
Nithë ga zhetthgéyen?
What did you do?
We'gni jena?
What's the matter?
Nije'ashwe’ psiyen?
What's wrong with you?
Wégwnithë ni yawgon?
What are those?
Wégwnithë i yawêk?
What is that?
Nithë ga kedyan?
What did you say?
Wénithë o?
Who is that?
Wénithë gi yawat?
Who are they?
Nipithë gathë mathigëyen?
Where did you grow up?
Nipithë wėtth byayen?
Where are you from?
Nipithë na wazhyago?
Where are we going?
Nipithë gathe ndadzëyen?
Where were you born?
Nipithë ėthë dbéndagwzëyen?
Where are you enrolled?
Nipithë gathe zhayayen?
Where did you go?