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character sheet
record of a player character in a role-playing game, including whatever a player would need during a play session
character creation
method used to create a character, especially a player character
game master (GM)
person who runs a role-playing game and arbitrates how actions are resolved and narrated
the determination of who goes first and in what order declared actions are carried out in RPG
fictional world in which the game takes place
game master of a game with a strong focus on narrative tropes
set of game mechanics which make up a game
troupe system
system in which the duties of the game master are distributed amongst the players
positive or useful statistic or trait
natural, in-born characteristics shared by all characters
derived statistic
secondary characteristic based on a character's attributes
extraordinary abilities which make a character special
character's species, ethnicity, type, or other description of their physical and cultural heredity
game system with heavily codified mechanics, usually encompassing a wide variety of possible actions in a game
game system that uses very general mechanics, usually focused on a subset of possible actions in a game
rules lawyer
player who strictly adheres to the rules as written, and enforces them among all other players
role-playing technique in which the actions of individual characters, especially out of combat and away from the main character group, are described in writing rather than speech
player who wants to have his characters have an impact on the world - to build institutions, to clean up a city, to change things
combat monster
player who wants his character to fight
player who is strongly interested in reconstructing a character (or a close equivalent thereof) from another source
action point
subunit of a player's turn; For example, during each turn, a player can take a set number of actions, each costing a point