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Demands & Obligations, Permission & Prohibition

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Please, go
Please, eat
Please, go [+]
Please, eat [+]
가지 마세요
Please, don't go
먹지 마세요
Please, don't eat
가지 마십시오
Please, don't go [+]
먹지 마십시오
Please, don't eat [+]
가야 되다/하다
Must go, have to go
먹어야 되다/하다
Must eat, have to eat
가지 않으면 안 되다
Must go, have to go (--)
먹지 않으면 안 되다
Must eat, have to eat (--)
가도 되다/괜찮다/좋다
May go, be allowed to go
먹어도 되다/괜찮다/좋다
May eat, be allowed to eat
가면 안 되다
May not go, not be allowed to go
먹으면 안 되다
May not eat, not be allowed to eat
가지 않아도 되다
Don't need to go, don't have to go
먹지 않아도 되다
Don't need to eat, don't have to eat