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A szó is fegyver.
The word is also a weapon.
Milyen tinta ez?
What sort of ink is this?
Ez piros tinta.
This is red ink.
Milyen kalap ez?
What kind of hat is this?
Ez szürke kalap.
This is a gray hat.
Milyen virág az?
What sort of flower is that?
Az sárga virág.
That is a yellow flower.
A kutya állat.
The dog is an animal.
Milyen állat a kutya?
What kind of animal is the dog?
A kutya háziállat.
The dog is a pet. / The dog is a domestical animal.
A macska is háziállat?
Is the cat also a pet? / Is the cat also a domestic animal?
Milyen állatok ezek?
What sort of animals are these?
Kutyák és macskák.
Dogs and cats.
A macska háziállat is?
Is the cat a pet as well? / Is the cat a domestical animal, too?
A szőlő gyümölcs.
Grapes are fruit.
Milyen gyümölcsök ezek itt?
What kinds of fruit are these here?
Milyen bútorok azok ott?
What sort of furniture are those there?
A körte sárga.
The pear is yellow.
A szilva nem sárga, hanem kék.
The plum is not yellow but blue.
Melyik tanuló rossz?
Which pupil is bad?
Melyik rossz tanuló?
Which one is a bad pupil?
Ő tanuló.
He is a pupil. / She is a (elementary school) student.
Ő munkás.
He is a worker.
Ő munkásnő.
She is a worker.