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Which ones?
What are they like? / How are they like?
Milyen kert?
What kind of garden?
Milyen kertek?
What kind of gardens?
Milyen a kert?
What is the garden like? / How is the garden like?
Milyenek a kertek?
What are the gardens like? / How are the gardens like?
Milyen a folyó?
What is the river like? / How is the river like?
Milyenek az egerek?
What are the mice like? / How are the mice like?
Az egerek kicsik.
The mice are small. / The mice are little.
egy kis egér / egy kicsi egér
a little mouse / a small mouse
Az egér kicsi.
The mouse is small. / The mouse is little.
Az ökör nagy.
The ox is big. / The ox is large.
A torony magas.
The tower is tall. / The tower is high.
Milyenek a házak?
How are the houses like? / What are the houses like?
A házak alacsonyak.
The houses are low.
Milyenek a fiatal fák?
What are the young trees like / How are the young trees like?
A fiatal fák vékonyak.
The young trees are slim.
Milyenek az öreg fák?
What are the old trees like / How are the old trees like?
Az öreg fák vastagok.
The old trees are thick.
Milyen ez a híd?
How is this bridge like? / What is this bridge like?
Ez a híd széles, de rövid.
This bridge is wide but short.
Az a híd keskeny, de hosszú.
That bridge is narrow but long.
A kertek nagyok.
The gardens are big.
Ez egy fiatal almafa.
This is a young appletree
Az érett alma piros és édes.
The ripe apple is red and sweet.
Az éretlen alma zöld és savanyú.
The unripe apple is green and sour.