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Ez könyv.
This is a book.
Ez a könyv.
This is the book.
Ez asztal.
This is a table.
Ez az asztal.
This is the table.
Az szék.
That is a chair.
Az a szék.
That is the chair.
Az ablak.
That is a window.
Az az ablak.
That is the window.
Ez asztal?
Is this a table? / This is a table?
Ez a szék?
Is this the chair? This is the chair?
Az könyv?
Is that a book?/ That is a book?
Az az ablak?
Is that the window? / That is the window?
Igen, ez ceruza.
Yes, this is a pencil.
Igen, ez a toll.
Yes, this is the pen.
Igen, az tábla.
Yes, that is a blackboard.
Igen, az az óra.
Yes, that is the clock.
Nem, ez nem kép.
No, this is not a picture.
Nem, ez nem a könyv.
No, this is not the book.
Nem, az nem lámpa.
No, that is not a lamp.
Nem, az nem az asztal.
No, that is not the table.
Ez nem könyv, hanem füzet.
This is not a book but a booklet.
Az nem az óra, hanem a lámpa.
That is not the clock but the lamp.
Toll ez vagy ceruza?
Is this a pen or a pencil?
Mi ez, szék vagy asztal?
What is this, a chair or a table?
Ez az.
This is it.
Az az.
That is it. / That's it.
Az ajtó az vagy az ablak?
Is that the door or the window?
Az ajtó az, nem az ablak.
That is the door, not the window.