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to wear / carry
je porte
I wear / I am wearing
tu portes
you (singular; familiar) wear / you are wearing
il porte
he wears / he is wearing
elle porte
she wears / she is wearing
nous portons
we wear / we are wearing
vous portez
you (polite / plural) wear / you are wearing
ils portent
they (masculine) wear / they are wearing
elles portent
they (feminine) wear / they are wearing
un chapeau
a hat
un jean
a pair of jeans
un pantalon
a pair of trousers
un pull
a jumper
un sweat à capuche
a hoodie
un tee-shirt
a t-shirt
une chemise
a shirt
une jupe
a skirt
une veste
a jacket
des baskets
some trainers (f. pl.)
des bottes
some boots (f. pl.)
des chaussures
some shoes (f. pl.)
bleu / bleue
blue (m. / f.)
vert / verte
green (m. / f.)
gris / grise
grey (m. / f.)
noir / noire
black (m. / f.)
blanc / blanche
white (m. / f.)
brown (never changes)
orange (never changes)
bleu turquoise
turquoise (never changes)
marron chocolat
chocolate brown (never changes)
J'ai un style décontracté.
I have a relaxed style.
J'ai un style classique.
I have a classical style.
J'ai un style sportif.
I have a sporty style.
Le week-end, j'aime porter ...
At the weekend, I like to wear ...
parce que c'est confortable
because it is comfortable.
parce que c'est pratique
because it is practical
parce que j'aime les vêtements confortables
because I like comfortable clothes