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دى .. تبقى قصة وفاة العبد لله
This is the story of me (the god's slave)
ما تقلقوش
Don't worry
Hero (of the story) (protagonist)
It's beginning
كان ياما كان فى سالف الزمان
Once upon a time
نقطة نور
A spot (drop) of light
وقعت من السماء
fell from the sky
النقطة المنورة
The bright spot
كبرت وردة ذهبية مدهشة
It grew into an amazing golden rose
وكان ليها القدرة على شفاء
And it had the ability to heal
The wounded
The sick
الست العجوزة
the Old women
يستحسن ما تنسوهاش
It's advisable you don't forget her
هتهمنا بعدين
She will concern us later
مرت قرون
Centuries passed
وفى مكان قريب من شط البحر
And in a place near the beach
نشأت مملكة
Originated a kingdom
Governed by
أواخر شهور الحمل
Late months of pregnancy
لكن صابها المرض
But she was sick with a disease
جامد أوى
Very much (sick)
وحالتها اتدهورت
And her case was detoriorating
وماكانش فى حاجة ممكن تنقذها
There was no possible thing that would save her
الا معجزة
Except a miracle
يعنى باختصار
In a nutshell
قوة الوردة الذهبية
The power of the golden rose
قلتلكوا هتهمنا بعدين
I told you she was important to us later
بدل ما الخير يعم عالكل=على الكل
instead of goodness prevailing all
The woman
(She) monopolized
For herself
استخدمتها علشان يدوم شبابها
(She) used it for sustaining her youth
لمئات السنين
For hundreds of years
كل اللى عملته
For it to work
غنت أغنية مميزة
She sang a special song
يا وردة المعى
Oh Rose, sparkle
خلى القوة تبان
Let the power appear
يرجع اللى كان
may what once was comes back
يرجعلى شكلى زمان
may my looks from the past come back
شكلى زمان
My previous form
انتوا فاهمنى...بتغنيلها
You understand me... ???
بترجع شباب
she returns young
weird.. right?
we found it
سحر الوردة العجيبة
The charm of the curious rose
شفى الملكة
(It) healed the queen
مولودة اّخر نضارة شرفتهم أميرة
A very fresh newborn that came with honor as a princess
بشعر ذهبى مدهش
With amazing golder hair
طبعا عرفتوها
Of course you know her
احتفالا بميلادها
To celebrate her birthday
الملك والملكة
The king and queen
طيروا مصباح منور فى السما
They sent lamps to light the sky
كل ده انتهى
All this ended
اقتحمت القلعة
She stormed the castle
وخطفت البنت
And she kidnapped the girl
فى لمح البصر
In a jiffy
She took off
المملكة اتشالت واتحطت
The kingdom was (upside down)
وماحدش قدر يلاقى الأميرة
And no one could find the princess
فى برج مستخبى
In a hidden tower
فى قلب الغابة
In the heart of the jungle
ربتها على انها ابنتها
She raised her as her (own) daughter
يرجع اللى ضاع
may what was lost come back
اللى ضاع زمان
what was lost a long time ago
she found
وردتها الذهبية
Her golden rose
أصرت تخفيها عن الناس
She insisted on hiding her from people
أنا ليه ماينفعش أخرج
Why can't I go out
العالم برة يبقى مكان خطير جدا
The world (is)a very dangerous place
مليان شرور وأنانية
A lot of evils and selfishness
خليكى هنا أحسن
You staying here is better
فى الأمان
In safety
فاهمانى يا وردتى
Understand (me), my rose?
جدران البرج
The walls of the tower
ماقدرتش تخبى كل حاجة
couldn't hide everything
كانوا بيطيروا اّلاف المصابيح فى السنة
They flew thousands of lamps each year
على أمل ييجى يوم
In hopes of one day
ترجع بنتهم المفقودة
Their lost daughter returns