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ومن غير ولا غلطة
and without any mistake
بتتعبى أوى لما بترفعينى يا روحى
you get very tired when you lift me up, my soul
لأ خالص
not at all
امال تتأخرى عليا كده برضه
so you are late for me like that?
ما تزعليش أنا بغيظك
Don't get upset, I'm teasing you
خلاص..طيب..ماما انتى عارفة ان بكرة يوم مهم اوى بالنسبة لى
alright, well, mom, you know that tomorrow is a very important day for me
رابونزيل..بصى فى المراية
Rapunzel, look in the mirror.
عارفة فيها ايه؟
Do you know what's in it?
أنا شايفة بنت جميلة وقوية وواثقة فى نفسها
I'm seeing a beautiful strong confident girl
وانتى جنبها اهو
and you are next to it there
أنا بغيظك ما تاخديش كل كلامى بجد
I'm teasing you, don't take all my speech with seriousness
ماشى أنا كنت بقولك إن بكرة يوم مهم
ok, I was telling you that tomorrow is an important day
رابونزل..معلش...ماما حاسة بشوية تعب
Rapunzel, sorry, mom is feeling a bit of tiredness
ممكن تغنيلى شوية؟
Can you sing for me a little?
بعدها نتكلم
after it, we talk
طبعا يا ماما
of course, mom
يا وردة المعى..خلى القوة تبان رجعى اللى كان
Oh Rose, sparkle.Let the power appear.may what once was comes back
يا ماما
من بدرى بقولك بكرة يوم مهم أوى ومش فارق معاكى
(since early) I'm telling you that tomorrow is a very important day...and it's not (making a difference) with you
فهقولك بكرة عيد ميلادى
so I'll tell you, tomorrow is my birthday
لا لا لا مش صح
no no no, not true
أنا فاكرة كويس ده كان السنة اللى فاتت
I remember well that was last year
ما هوده الغريب فى أعياد الميلاد بتيجى كل سنة
That is what is strange about birthdays, they come every year
ونفسى أطلب اللى نفسى فيه
and I really want to request what I wish
فى عيد ميلادى ده
in this birthday (of mine)
إنى أحقق اللى بتمناه بقالى...
that I get what I've wished for........
رابونزيل..أرجوكى تبطلى تبرطمى
Rapunzel, please stop babbling
انتى عارفة إنى بكره البرطمة
you know that I hate babbling
you annoyed me (you are being loud)
أنا بغيظك وبموت فيكى يا حبيبتى
I'm teasing you, and I love you, my love
اه..أنا عايزة أشوف أنوار السماء
yes, I want to see the sky lights
قصدى..نفسى تاخدينى عشان أشوف أنوار السماء
I mean, I really want you to take me to see the sky lights
اه..نجوم السماء
oh, the sky stars
مش بالظبط
not exactly
النجوم كلها بتبقى ثابتة فى مكانها فى السماء
All the stars are fixed in their places in the sky
بس دول بيظهروا كل سنة فى عيد ميلادى يا ماما
but those appear every year on my birthday, mother
وبس فى عيد ميلادى
and only on my birthday
ومش قادرة أمنع إحساسى إنهم بينوروا..عشانى
and I can't prevent my feeling that they light up ....for me
أنا بجد نفسى أشوفهم يا ماما
I seriously want to see them, mom
مش بس من شباكى
not only from my window
أنا محتاجة أعرف سرهم إيه
I need to know what their secret is
انتى عايزة تخرجى برة؟ يا رابونزيل
You want to go outside, Rapunzel?
مش معقولة انتى ورداية وهشة
not possible, you are a fragile rose
لسة عودك أخضر ورهيفة
your stick is still green and fragile
عارفة انتى ليه فى البرج ده عايشة
you know why you (in this tower) live?
عارفة...هقولك عشان فوق فى أمان كتير
you know? I will tell you. Because up here there is a lot of safety
قلبى حس إنك فى يوم هتقولى
my heart felt that one day you would tell me
عايزة أسيب العش أصلى زهقت
I want to leave the nest because I got bored
كل شئ بوقت لكن
everything on (a specific) time, but
هس يا بنت ده أنا ياما شفت
shuh girl, I saw a lot
أنا ياما شفت
I saw a lot
اسمعى كلامى
hear my speech/talk (words)
العالم خطير ومخيف
The world is dangerous and scary
أنا ياما عشت
I lived a lot
من وقت للتانى
from time to the second (from time to time)
لازم يحصل شئ عنيف
something violent has to happen
قطاعين طرق ثعابين مسمومة
road cutters (brigands), posioned snakes (actually this might be a mistake on their part it should be تعابين سامة poisonous snakes)
فى البحر والبر وطاعون..شر
(in sea and on land) and plague..evil
كمان حشرات عماليق..ناس ليهم أنياب
also giant insects...people with fangs
وكفاية خلاص قطعتى قلبى
and that's enough..you are cutting my heart (making me so sad)
هاخدك بحنان فى حضنى يا حلوة
I will take you with tenderness in my bosom (I will hug you)
للأمان مهما كان
to safety whatever happens
أنا هحميكى أنا هفديكى
I will protect you, I will sacrifice for you
أنا ياما شفت
I saw a lot
صدقى يا مامتى...لوحدك ما تعمريش
believe me, (honey)..by yourself, you don't age (you don't survive)
حافية عليكى خفت..تغرقى وتقعى
without shoes, I'm afraid for you that you will sink and fall
وحوش تاكلك فى مفيش
monsters eat you in nothing (very quickly)
بريئة كتير ساذجة بعبلها
very innocent, very naive
هبلة وعندها ممم..خبلان
dumb and has...um...stupidity
وبدون تفكير متقندلة فى حالها
and without thinking, messed up
خدى كلامى يا ننوستى
take my words, (a not-so-common endearment term)
ماما عارفة كتير بتحبك يا حلوة
mom knows a lot, she loves you, cute
وبتطلب من أحلى البنات
and she asks from the most beautiful of girls
ما تطلبيش إنك تسيبى البرج ده تانى
Don't request that you live this tower again
حاضر يا ماما
yes, mom
أنا بحبك أوى يا روحى
I love you so much, my soul
أنا بحبك أكتر
I love you more
وأنا بحبك موت
and I love you to death (so much)
اوعى تنسى
Don't forget
راح تندمى
you would regret
وادينى قلت
and I did say (she is emphasizing what she said)
باى باى
bye bye
باى باى راجعالك حالا يا وردتى
bye bye, coming back to you immediately, my rose