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It is ..., Isn't it?

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min găla ba
cè zù bèh
Thanks. (more casual)
pu deh naw?
It’s hot, isn’t it? (temp.)
houq-kéh. pu ba deh
Yes, it is hot. (temp.)
è deh naw?
It's cold isn't it?
houq-kéh. è ba deh
Yes, it is cold.
kaùn deh naw?
It's good isn't it?
houq-kéh. kaùn ba deh
Yes, it is good.
houq-kéh. yá ba deh
Yes, it is all right.
yá deh naw?
It's all right isn't it?
cè zù tin ba deh
Thank you.
thwa meh naw
Good-bye (lit. I'm leaving, is that okay?)