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Eating and Drinking

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sà deh
to eat
thauq teh
to drink
han-ba-ga sà deh naw?
You eat hamburgers, don't you?
han-ba-ga sà dhălà?
Do you eat hamburgers? / Did you eat a hamburger?
han-ba-ga mă sà ba bù
I don't eat hamburgers. / I didn't eat a hamburger.
Peq-si thauq pa deh
I drink Pepsi. / I drank a Pepsi.
Peq-si thauq thălà?
Do you drink Pepsi? / Did you drink a Pepsi?
Peq-si mă thauq pa bù
I don't drink Pepsi. / I didn't drink a pepsi.
ba thauq thălèh?
What did you drink?
ba sà dhălèh?
What did you eat?