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This, That and Which?

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this (nearer me)
that (nearer you)
da saq dhălà?
Is this hot to taste (spicy)?
da è dhălà?
Is this cold?
èh-da zè cì dhălà?
Is that expensive?
èh-da kaùn dhălà?
Is that good?
èh-da è dhălà?
Is that cold?
èh-da mă hma ba bù
I didn't order that.
èh-da lo jin ba deh
I want that.
da ăthà pa dhălà?
Does this one have meat in it?
which one?
beh-ha ăthà pa dhălèh?
which one has meat?
beh-ha saq dhălèh?
which one is hot to taste?
beh-ha pu dhălèh?
Which one is hot (temperature)?