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Sannu da aiki!
Greetings on your work!
Sannu da kokari!
Greetings on your effort!
Sannu da rana!
Greetings at (around) noon!
Sannu da zuwa!
Greetings on your coming! Welcome!
Sannu da hutawa!
Greetings on your resting!
Barka da zuwa!
Greetings on your coming!
Barka da asuba!
Greetings on the early morning!
Barka da rana!
Greetings at noon!
Barka da ini!
Greetings in the afternoon!
Barka da cin kasuwa!
Greetings on the market!
Barka da salla!
Greetings on the holiday!
Barka da shan ruwa!
Greetings on drinking water! (used during the month of Ramadan)
Barka da sabuwa shekara!
Greetings on the new year!