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Physics equations (words)

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mass x gravitational field strength
work done
force x distance along the line of action of the force
force applied to a spring
spring constant x extension
moment of a force
force x distance normal to direction of force
force normal to a surface / area of that surface
distance travelled
speed x time
change in velocity / time taken
resultant force
mass x acceleration
mass x velocity
kinetic energy
0.5 x mass x speed x speed
gravitational potential energy
mass x gravitational field strength x height
energy transferred / time
power (2)
work done / time
useful energy output / total energy output
efficiency (2)
total power output / total power input
wave speed
frequency x wavelength
charge flow
current x time
potential difference
current x resistance
power (3)
current x current x resistance
power (4)
potential difference x current
energy transferred
power x time
energy transferred (2)
charge flow x potential difference
mass / volume