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Chapter 9 Extra - Reading - Helsetjenester i Norge

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Alle som bor i Norge har en egen lege, en fastlege.
Everyone who lives in Norway has his/her own doctor, a so called fastlege.
Man kan også kontakte legevakten (hvis man ikke kan få time hos fastlegen sin).
One can also contact the emergency ward if it is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor.
Legevakten er åpen hele døgnet.
The emergency ward is open 24 hours a day.
Det koster litt å gå til legen eller legevakten...
It costs a bit to go to the doctor's or go to the emergency ward...
...men å ligge på sykehus er gratis fordi de fleste sykehusene er offentlige.
...but staying in hospital is free of charge because [cf. for] most hospitals are public.
Det er også private legesentre, men de er ikke gratis.
There are also private medical centres, but they are not free of charge.
Tannlegebehandling er ikke gratis hvis man er voksen,...
Dental care is not free if one is [an] adult,...
...men barn og ungdom (under 18) betaler ikke.
...but children and young people (under 18) do not pay.