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et snøvær
snowy weather
en snøstorm
snow storm, blizzard
en snøfokk
drifting, blowing snow (weather type)(cf. snødrev)
et snødrev
drifting, blowing snow (weather type)(cf. snøfokk)
en drivsnø
drifting/drifted snow (snow type)
ei snøfonn
snowbank (made by the wind)
en brøytekant
snowbank (roadside, man made)
en klabbesnø
sticky snow (i.e. under the skis)
en løssnø
loose snow
en skare
snow crust
et slaps
slush, partly melted snow
et sludd
wet snow, mixed rain and snow
en tørrsnø
dry snow
et snøfnugg
ei snøfille
big snowflake
kram snø
moist snow (good for snowballs)