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Cafes and Restaurants, Part 2

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Peq-si shí dhălà?
Do you have any Pepsi?
nwà-nó shí dhălà?
Do you have any milk?
k’auq-s’wèh-jaw shí dhălà?
Do you have any fried noodles?
t’ămìn-jaw yá mălà?
Could we have (get) some fried rice?
ăseìn-jaw yá mălà?
Could we have (get) some fried vegetables?
shí ba deh
(Yes.) We (do) have (it/that). (polite) [lit. "it exists"]
beh-hnă k’ú yu mălèh?
How many (units) would you like? / ... will you take?
mă shí ba bu
We don't have any (none exist)
koun dhwà bi
It's run out. / We've run out.
in that case
da bèh là?
Is that all?
da ba bèh
(Yes.) That's all.
shí ba dhè deh
There's something else. / There's more.
da ba lèh?
What is this/that?
paiq-s'an shìn meh
We'll settle up now.
beh-lauq cá dhălèh?
What (how much) does it come to?
paiq-s'an di-hma
Here's the money.
di-hma ein-dha shí là?
Is there a toilet here?