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Taxis, Part 2 (Fares)

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beh-lauq pè-yá mălèh?
How much will I have to pay?
hnăya pè ba
Give me 200 (kyats).
kaùn ba bi, thwà meh
OK, let's go.
hnăya naw?
It was 200 (kyats), wasn't it?
houq'kéh, hnăya ba
Yes, it was 200 (kyats).
myà ba deh
That's too much.
nèh-nèh myà ba deh
That's a bit too much.
sháw ba oùn là?
Could you bring it down a bit more?
beh-lauq pè jin dhălèh?
How much do you want to pay?
beh-lauq pè mălèh?
How much will you pay?
tăyá ngà zeh pè meh
I'll pay you 150 (kyats).
yá mălà?
Will you accept that?
măyá bù, Bya, nèh ba deh
I can't do that (Sir/Ma'am). It's too little.
di-lauq mă sháw-nain ba bù
I can't drop it that much.
beh-lauq sháw mălèh?
How much will you drop it?
tăyá k'un-năs'eh t'à ba
Make it 170 (kyats).
mă sháw-nain ba bù
I can't reduce it.
to ride/travel (in or on)
mă sì dáw ba bù
I won't ride (in your taxi) after all.
di-lo-s’o mă sì dáw ba bù
In that case, I won't take your taxi (after all).