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Taxis, Part 3 (Where to stop)

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beh-hma yaq mălèh?
Where are we going to stop?
beh-hma yaq c'in dhălèh?
Where do you want to stop?
beh-hma yaq yá mălèh?
Where do we/I have to stop? | Where should we/I stop?
di-hma yaq pa
Please stop here.
lo ba dhè deh
There's still some way to go.
di-hma yaq mălà?
Are we going to stop here?
houq'kéh, di-hma yaq pa
Yes, please stop here.
di-hma yaq yá mălà?
Do we have to stop here? | Should we/I stop here?
houq'kéh, di-hma yaq meh
Yes, we'll stop here.
di-hma mă yaq c'in ba bù
I don't want to stop here.
eh-di-hma yaq c'in ba deh
I want to stop over there.
just over there
shé-nà-hma yaq meh
We're going to stop just over there.
di-hma là?
(You mean) here?
houq'kéh, di-hma
Yes, here.