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Qu'est-ce qu'ils font?

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Il joue au foot.
He is playing football.
Elle joue au tennis.
She is playing tennis.
Ils jouent au rugby.
They (masculine) are playing rugby.
Elles jouent au basket.
They (feminine) are playing basketball.
Il fait du vélo.
He is cycling.
Elle fait du ski.
She is skiing.
Ils font du patin à glace.
They (masculine) are doing ice-skating.
Elles font de la gymnastique.
They (feminine) are doing gymnastics.
Il fait de la natation.
He is doing swimming.
Elle fait de l'équitation.
She is doing horse-riding.
Ils font de l'athlétisme.
They (masculine) are doing athletics.
Elles font du shopping.
They (feminine) are shopping.
il regarde la télé.
He is watching television.
Elle fait ses devoirs.
She is doing her homework.
Ils parlent.
They (masculine) are chatting.
il mange
he is eating
elle mange
she is eating
ils mangent
they (masculine) are eating
elles mangent
they (feminine) are eating