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I don't want her to "go through" what I went through with Carl
To experience a difficult or unpleasant situation
"All of a sudden", the phone starts to ring
Quickly and without warning
It "turns out" it's my mother
To result
"To hell with her", she left me!
To express anger or dislike and to say that you no longer care about somebody/something
Then I got really "freaked out"
To become suddenly emotional, often excited or angry
And that's when "it hit me"
Finally understood
You and I have kinda "drifted apart"
Slowly cease to be close to or friends with someone
I'm all better now
Fully healed, fixed, or cured
Look, this is probably "for the best"
To have a good result, though it does not seem good at first
Joey, stop "hitting on her"
To show someone in a direct way that you are attracted to him or her
I was kinda supposed to be "headed for" Aruba
To travel toward some destination
Joey and Chandler are "coming over" to help me
To go to someone else's house
Help me "put together" my new furniture
To assemble something
I should have "caught on" when she...
To understand or figure something out
How did you "get through" it?
To survive something
I "went for" the watch
To choose something
Hi, machine "cut me off" again
To prevent someone from continuing to speak
"Ever since" she walked out on me
Continuously since the time mentioned
Ever since she "walked out on" me
To abandon or leave someone
What, you wanna "spell it out" with noodles?
To spell something (with letters)
Even if I could "get it together" enough to...
To organize one's thinking
Listen, while you're "on a roll"
Be experiencing a period of success at what you are doing
I take credit for Paul
To make someone doing better
C'mon, you can't "live off" your parents your whole life
To use someone or something to provide the money or food that you need to live
It's hard "being on your own" for the first time
Be responsible for oneself, independent of outside help or control
And I "ended up" living with this albino guy who...
To reach some conclusion, state, or situation due to a particular course of action