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It's just such a slap in the face
An action or remark which insults and upsets someone
Rachel: so I'll be just as pathetic as the rest of you. Phoebe: Yeah, "you wish"!
Used for telling someone that the thing that they want to happen is completely impossible
I'm "sick of being" a victim of this Dick Clark holiday
Bored with or annoyed by somebody, or by something that has been happening for a long time which you want to stop
I say this year, no dates, we "make a pact"
A collected amount of anything
I couldn't handle the pressure and "I snapped"
To go crazy
I happen to know a Fun Bob
to do something by chance
I'm not saying he has to spend the whole evening with me, but at least "check in"
To communicate with someone at a certain interval in time so as to provide or ask about an update in status or otherwise simply talk
I'm gonna blow this one up
To have a photograph enlarged
I just thought I'd "throw this out" here
To offer something, as a suggestion or plan
He's just phoning it in
To do something in a perfunctory way or with little interest