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Before we "get to" the book
To arrive at a topic of discussion
Busy beaming with pride
To smile broadly and radiantly due to pride in something or someone
I "get to" see my son
To have an opportunity to do something
And then he "burst into flames"
To ignite suddenly and violently
I think you need to "come out of your shell" just a little
To become more comfortable and friendly with people
Sorry we're late, we kind of just "lost track of time"
To forget the time and sometimes be late for something because of it
A complication you eventually "kill off"
To destroy or remove someone or something completely
I just thought I'd "stop by" after ...
To go into a place for a short time when you are going somewhere else
Just thought I'd "drop these off" on the way
To take someone or something to a place and then leave
Now you tell me she's not "a knockout"
A very attractive person or thing
We don't have to "go down" that road
To pursue a particular course of action