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You could "plunk me down" in the middle of...
To settle into position
You kiss Uncle Freddie with that mouth?
Used to indicate that the other person's speech has become too obscene or vulgar
Chandler: If anything, you owe me a table! Joey: How'd you "get there"?
To reach or attain one's goal(s) (why do you think that?)
The impressions you made in the butter "left little to the imagination"
To show or describe almost all of the parts or details of something
He "ran off" and got married
To leave somewhere or someone suddenly
I'm out of sorts
In an irritable, grouchy, or unhappy mood
He made a move on me
To try to start a sexual relationship with somebody
Paolo made a pass at me
To flirt with or suggest sexual activity with someone
I'm the one he hit on
To make a pass at someone
I unleashed him on you
To permit someone or something to roam freely or to act freely
It's time for you to "swoop in"
To arrive suddenly and do something (take one's girl)
You "pick up the pieces", and then you usher in the age of Ross
To try to repair emotional, financial, or other damage done to one's life
I don't think that "swearing off" guys altogether is the answer
To promise, pledge, or be determined not to do, use, eat, or imbibe something anymore
Monica: Yes! And that would be a shut-down! Joey and Chandler: "Shut-out"!!
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