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You just "barge in" here, you don't knock
To go or come rudely into some place
"Back up" there, Sparky. What'd you mean by that?
To return to an item previously mentioned
Back up there, Sparky. "What'd you mean" by that?
Used to show that you are annoyed or that you disagree
It's textbook
Usual or typical
I figure I'm "better off" staying with the kid
In a more satisfactory situation than you were before
"Hauling my ass" back and forth on the ferry
To travel or move quickly
Hauling my ass "back and forth" on the ferry
To and fro, moving in one direction and then the opposite and so making no progress in either
You're one to talk
Be guilty of the same thing you have just criticized
Dad was "leading this double life"
To keep part of one's life hidden, especially a part that would not be approved of
Working for the C.I.A. (Considers) That'd be cool.... "This blows"!
To ruin or waste something
He's right. "Tit for tat"
Describing an act of retaliation
What you were doing was "sucking up" to Mom and Dad
To attempt to gain influence with or favor from someone
So, "who's up" for a big game of Kerplunk?
Ready and willing to do something
You "break it off" with Ronni
To break up (with someone)
Then you gotta "come clean" with Ma
To be honest with somebody about something
I'm always seeing girls "on top of" girls
Are they "end to end", or tall like pancakes?
In a row with the ends touching
I'd be able to "be a stand-up guy" and go the distance
To do anything needed for his family
I'd be able to be a stand-up guy and "go the distance"
To complete a difficult task or endure an ordeal
Why did you have to "fill your father's head with" all that garbage?
To put some kind of ideas into someone's head
You should've heard some of his "cover stories"
A false story intended to mislead or deceive
I'm "sleeping over" at my accountant's
To spend the night as a guest in another's home
Everything's screwed up
Ruined or messed up
Could I take her?
Be better