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You're gonna "go up to" her and say...
To approach someone or something
Don't you dare "bail on me"
To walk out on someone
How did we "end up" with these jerks?
To be with someone, often by default
Can we have three chocolate mousses "to go" please?
Packed or wrapped so that you can take it with you
Dinner's on me
To pay the bill
I hope she "throws up" on you
To vomit
You seek me out
To look for someone or something, especially for a long time until you find him, her, or it
Something deep in your soul "calls out" to me
To speak loudly to get someone's attention
You'll be set
To be ready or about to do something
We "get off" around midnight
To finish one's workday
Why don't we "pick you up" then?
To become acquainted with someone with the aim of having a sexual or romantic encounter