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We're "running low" on resumes over here
To near the end of a supply of something
I beg to differ
To politely disagree with someone else
It's like the mother ship is calling you home
If something (Sak's) is calling you, you have a strong feeling that you must do it, have it, go there
You still on that? "You are way off",pal
Not even close to correct
I think I'm gonna "give it a go"
To try something, especially something with which one has little or no experience
This way I can "break them up" with a movie
To divide something into pieces
Kinda stepped on my point there
To intrude or interfere
You gals wanna "hand over" your money now?
To give something (to someone)
Little veins "popping out" on your temple
To appear suddenly from within or behind something