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You seemed to "know your way around" the table
To know and understand how something works
"I'm on" (picks up the phone)
To be performing or displayed, as on a stage, on television, or in a venue
Will he know what this is "in reference to"?
Used to say what you are talking or writing about
Nobody "handed out" mints or anything?
To give something to each person in a group or place
Could we "drop it" now?
To stop discussing this subject at once
If she "punches in" 911
To input data (into something) using a keypad or keyboard
Ross: I thought that was just a rumor. Rachel: "True story".
It really happened
I have no "frame of references"
A set of ideas or facts that a person accepts and that influences the person’s behavior, opinions, or decisions
Look what I've "got going" here
To cause someone to start enthusiastically discussing some topic
"Save it for" the cab
To tell something later