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loosely translated
The translation is not an exact, word-for-word translation but rather a paraphrase that captures the meaning
Cushions the blow
To ease the pain or stress of something unpleasant
Our parents actually did, uh, "send our dog off" to live on a farm
To send someone away to something or some place, especially away on a journey
Smoke away
Go ahead and smoke as much as you want
Relax your hand! "Let your wrist go"
To relax one's wrist/hand
It's not even worth it
It is not important or useful enough to make an effort doing it
"We're with you", we got it
To agree with someone
Put the cigarette out
To extinguish something
They're "all over him"
To be unenthusiastic about someone or something
"Picking off" the weak members of the herd
To pull or gather someone or something off something
Who's gonna "take the first shot"
To attack or criticize first
The hair comes out, and the "gloves come on"
To get ready to fight or compete
I have "had it with you" guys and your cancer
To not be willing to continue to deal with someone or something
No-one's ever "put it like that" before
To say it that way