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As far as I'm concerned
In one's opinion
There is nothing a guy can do that even "comes close"
To be similar to someone or something else, often in a particular way
You know what "blows my mind"?
To extremely impress, overwhelm, or excite one
How you get any work done is "beyond me"
Completely missing or surpassing my understanding
You finally "get up the courage" to do it
To force yourself to be brave enough to do something, although you are frightened or worried about it
I think she'd feel like we're "gangin' up on" her
To band together and confront one as a group or collective effort, typically for some end
That guy, he "burns me up"
To cause to become angry or annoyed
You're not "up to this"
To be able or willing to do something
You'll never make it "on your own"
Without the assistance or support of, or dependence upon, anybody else
Being dumped by you obviously "agrees with her"
To make one healthy and happy
You don't say
To say something everybody already know
You sure you've "thought this through"
To carefully consider the possible results of doing something
"For all we know" this guy could be horribly...
According to the information we have
I "blew off" the rest of the afternoon
To decide not to do something you are expected to do, or not to meet someone you are expected to meet
I'm still working on mine
To give a quick and satisfying response without prompting another question especially when work is not being done
"Coming through". Move, move
A phrase said (perhaps shouted) when one is trying to pass through a crowded area
That would be "a judgment call"
A subjective decision made based on one's own experience or viewpoint
Listen for it
To try to hear something or someone
It's just like "pulling off" a Band-aid
To forcibly remove something (from or off something else)
If we "put our heads together", between the two of us, we can break them up
To plan something among ourselves
Quit "making up" rules
To create something based on one's imagination
We "ripped that couple apart", and kept the pieces for ourselves
To tear someone or something apart into pieces