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Notice, no fear, no sense of "impending doom"...
To refer to an event, usually something unpleasant or unwanted, that is going to happen soon
"Peel the skin off" their body, to have something else to do?
To forcibly remove the outermost layer of something
"Go over to" her! She's not with anyone
To move or travel towards someone or something
Could she be more "out of my league"?
Someone or something is too good or expensive for someone to have
Ross, "back me up" here
To say that someone is telling the truth
I'm very very "aware of my tongue"
Be aware of the fact that awkward people tend to say stupid stuff when in the presence of some body they like
Just for the hell of it
To do it without having any particular purpose or wish, but usually for enjoyment
Thank God you didn't try to "fan out" the magazines
To spread something out so that all parts can be seen better