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What was the name of the tax on all printed American goods
Stamp Act
What was the name of the event in which 5 Americans were shot dead by British soldiers?
Boston Massacre
Who was the commander of the American forces in the American War of Independence?
George Washington
In which battle did the Americans defeat the British in 1781?
Battle of Yorktown
In which country did American Loyalists settle in after the American War of Independence?
Which settlers staged an armed rebellion against the British in Canada in 1837?
Which country became a penal colony for British convicts?
Which group of people already inhabited Australia before the British?
In which area of Britain was land handed over for large-scale farming?
from which colony was meat transported from to Britain?
New Zealand
Which part of the British Empire experienced a terrible famine in 1845-52?
Which UK city did most Irish immigrants settle in?
What name was given to the armed group that fought against British rule in Ireland?
In which year did Ireland become independent?
What were the Jewish people in Russia suffering from, which caused them to migrate?
Which organisation was founded in 1902 to campaign against immigration to Britain?
British Brothers League (BBL)
In which year was slavery abolished in the British Empire?
Which group of people emigrated to Britain after the American War of Independence?
Black Loyalists
What was the name of the rebellion that broke out in Jamaica in 1865?
Morant Bay Rebellion
What was the name given to the wealthy British officials in India?