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What was the name of the British company which traded in India?
East India Company
Who was the famous British nabob who extended British territory in India?
Robert Clive
In 1765 the British won the right to collect taxes in India. What was this called?
What was the name of UK law which placed India under the control of the British government?
India Act
Who were the Indian soldiers who fought for the British, but rebelled in 1857?
What name was given to the rebellion against British rule that broke out India in 1857?
Great Rebellion
Which Indian figure challenged discrimination against Indians in South Africa
What type of resistance did Gandhi favour towards the British?
passive resistance
What was the name of the canal that was built in 1869, which provided a sea route between Europe and India?
Suez Canal
Which country did Britain establish control over in order to gain control of the Suez Canal?
In which African country did Britain build a railway to connect Mombasa and Lake Victoria?
From which country did Britain bring migrant workers to work on the railways in Uganda and Kenya?
Who were the Dutch settlers who lived in the republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State in southern Africa?
Who was the arch-British imperialist who wanted to unite English-speaking countries and enlarge the British Empire?
Cecil Rhodes
What was the name of the British company which took control of Matabeleland?
During the Boer War, what did the British establish to lock away Boer women and children?
concentration camps
What was the name of the system whereby Britain gained control of Iraq, Jordan and Palestine after WW1?
mandate system
What was the name of the massacre in India, in which Sikh demonstrators were killed by UK troops in 1919?
Amritsar Massacre
What was the name given to Gandhi's campaign of peaceful, civil disobedience against the British?
Which British colony surrendered to Japanese forces in 1942, during WW2?