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godana maúrgin
good morning
godana dag
good afternoon/day
godata andanahti
good evening
I am called
you are called
ƕaiwa haitaza?
how are you called?
Swinþila haitada
I am called Swinþila
namo mein ist
my name is
to come
ik qima
I come
þū qimis
you come
is qimiþ
he comes
weis qimam
we come
eis qimand
they come
jus qimiþ
you come (pl)
wit qimōs
we two come
jut qimats
you two come
ƕaþro qimis?
where are you from?
qima fram/us
I am from
ƕan filu wintriwē is?
How old are you? (lit. how many winters are you?)
I am...years old
to understand
ik fraþja
I understand
to speak
ik rodja gutiska razda/Gutrazda
I speak Gothic
þata galeikáiþ mis
I like it (lit. that pleases me)