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1) when you work with sb to achieve sth that you both want 2) willingness to do what sb asks you to do
1) (BE) plants such as wheat, barley, and oats or their seeds 2) (AE) a tall plant with large yellow seeds that grow together on a cob (=long hard part), which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable or
1) to make sth right or to make it work the way it should 2) to show sb that sth is wrong, and make it right
a small house in the country
1) the place where you pay or are served in a shop, bank, restaurant etc 2) (AE) a long flat surface on top of a piece of furniture, especially in a kitchen [= worktop BE]
land that is outside cities and towns [= the country]
the quality of being brave when you are in danger, in pain, in a difficult situation etc [≠ cowardice]
1) to break or to make sth break, either so that it gets lines on its surface, or so that it breaks into pieces 2) to make a quick loud sound like the sound of sth breaking, or to make sth do this 3)
1) an accident in which a vehicle violently hits sth else 2) a sudden loud noise made by sth falling, breaking etc
credit card
a small plastic card that you use to buy goods or services and pay for them later
1) all the people who work on a ship or plane 2) a group of people working together with special skills
1) relating to crime 2) wrong, dishonest, and unacceptable
1) a situation in which there are a lot of problems that must be dealt with quickly so that the situation does not get worse or more dangerous 2) a time when a personal emotional problem or situation
1) if you are *, you criticize sb or sth 2) sth that is * is very important because what happens in the future depends on it [= crucial]
remarks that say what you think is bad about sb or sth [≠ praise]
1) a mixture of two things, breeds, or qualities 2) (BE) a mark (x or +) used on paper, to represent where sth is, or where sth should be
1) a large group of people who have gathered together to do sth, for example to watch sth or protest about sth 2) (informal) a group of people who know each other, work together etc
1) making sb suffer or feel unhappy 2) deliberately hurting people or animals [≠ kind]
1) wanting to know about sth 2) strange or unusual
1) a piece of hanging cloth that can be pulled across to cover a window, divide a room etc 2) a sheet of heavy material that comes down at the front of the stage in a theatre
1) a line that gradually bends like part of a circle 2) a line on a graph that gradually bends and represents a change in the amount or level of sth 3) a bend in a road, river etc
a cloth bag filled with soft material that you put on a chair or the floor to make it more comfortable
a number of related events that happen again and again in the same order
(BE) silly
happening or done every day
1) physical harm that is done to sth or to a part of sb's body, so that it is broken or injured 2) harm caused to sb's emotions or mind
1) to cause physical harm to sth or to part of sb's body 2) to have a bad effect on sth or sb in a way that makes them weaker or less successful
to be brave enough to do sth that is risky or that you are afraid to do - used especially in questions or negative sentences
a large amount of data stored in a computer system so that you can find and use it easily
1) to write or print the date on sth 2) to find out when sth old was made or formed 3) (AE) to have a romantic relationship with sb [= go out with]
1) (informal) completely 2) (spoken) very
1) a sum of money that a person or organization owes 2) when you owe money to sb [≠ credit]
1) of a good enough standard or quality 2) following moral standards that are acceptable to society
1) to do sth in order to protect sb or sth from being attacked 2) to use arguments to protect sth or sb from criticism, or to prove that sth is right
1) clearly known, seen, or stated [= clear] 2) a * arrangement, promise etc will happen in the way that sb has said
done in a way that is intended or planned [= on purpose, intentionally]
the act of bringing goods, letters etc to a particular person or place, or the things that are brought
1) to show or prove sth clearly 2) to show or describe how to do sth or how sth works
sb whose job is to treat people's teeth
1) to say that sth is not true, or that you do not believe sth 2) to refuse to allow sb to have or do sth
1) a part of the cost of sth you are buying that you pay some time before you pay the rest of it 2) money that you pay when you rent sth such as an apartment or car, which will be given back if you do not damage it 3) an amount of money that is paid into a bank account [≠ withdrawal]
1) the distance from the top surface of sth such as a river or hole to the bottom of it 2) how strong an emotion is or how serious a situation is
to have earned sth by good or bad actions or behaviour
1) to make a drawing or plan of sth that will be made or built 2) to plan or develop sth for a specific purpose
1) willing to do anything to change a very bad situation, and not caring about danger 2) needing or wanting sth very much
used to say that sth happens or is true even though sth else might have prevented it [= in spite of]
1) a machine or tool that does a special job [= gadget] 2) a special way of doing sth that makes it easier to do
1) the most powerful evil spirit in some religions, especially in Christianity [= Satan] 2) an evil spirit [= demon]
a simple drawing or plan that shows exactly where sth is, what sth looks like, or how sth works
1) a clear, very hard valuable stone, used in jewellery and in industry 2) a shape with four straight but sloping sides of equal length, with one point facing directly up and the other directly down
a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day [= journal]
1) the kind of food that a person or animal eats each day 2) a limited range and amount of food that you eat when you want to get thinner
1) to aim sth in a particular direction or at a particular person, group etc 2) to be in charge of sth or control it
1) a book or list of names, facts etc, usually arranged in alphabetical order 2) a place in a computer where files or programs are organized
1) any substance that makes things dirty, such as mud or dust 2) (especially AE) earth or soil
sb who is disabled cannot use a part of their body properly, or cannot learn easily
1) to have or express a different opinion from sb else [≠ agree] 2) if statements, numbers, or reports about the same event or situation *, they are different from each other
unhappy because sth you hoped for did not happen, or because sb or sth was not as good as you expected
1) a sudden event such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering 2) sth that is very bad or a failure, especially when this is very annoying or disappointing
a way of training sb so that they learn to control their behaviour and obey rules
a reduction in the usual price of sth
1) an illness which affects a person, animal, or plant 2) sth that is seriously wrong with society or with sb's mind, behaviour etc
1) an arrangement of things for people to look at or buy 2) a public performance of sth that is intended to entertain people
1) to recognize and understand the difference between two or more things or people [= differentiate] 2) to be the thing that makes sb or sth different or special
an area of a town or the countryside, especially one with particular features
1) the act of separating sth into two or more different parts, or the way these parts are separated or shared 2) disagreement among the members of a group that makes them form smaller opposing groups
the legal ending of a marriage
to become twice as big or twice as much, or to make sth twice as big or twice as much
to or in the centre or main business area of a town or city
1) to pull sth along the ground, often because it is too heavy to carry 2) to pull sb somewhere where they do not want to go, in a way that is not gentle
the final result of a game or competition in which both teams or players have the same number of points [= tie]
part of a piece of furniture, such as a desk, that you pull out and push in and use to keep things in
1) a picture that you draw with a pencil, pen etc 2) the art or skill of making pictures, plans etc with a pen or pencil
1) to think about sth that you would like to happen or have 2) to have a dream while you are asleep
unable to control your behaviour, speech etc because you have drunk too much alcohol [≠ sober]
a very common water bird with short legs and a wide beak, used for its meat, eggs, and soft feathers
(AE informal) a man
1) (=boring) not interesting or exciting 2) not bright or shiny 3) not bright and with lots of clouds 4) not sharp [= blunt]
1) (informal) stupid 2) unable to speak, because you are angry, surprised, shocked etc
1) to put sth somewhere in a careless untidy way 2) to get rid of sth that you do not want 3) (informal) to end a relationship with sb
dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of dirt that is in buildings on furniture, floors etc if they are not kept clean
digital video disc or a type of computer disc that can store a large amount of information, sound, pictures, and video
1) relating to education 2) teaching you sth you did not know before
1) in a way that produces the result that was intended 2) used to describe what you see as the real facts of the situation
if sb or sth is *, they work well without wasting time, money, or energy
used as a polite way of saying that sb is old or becoming old
to choose sb for an official position by voting
1) relating to electricity 2) using electricity
1) * equipment, such as computers and televisions, uses electricity that has passed through computer chips transistors, etc 2) using or produced by electronic equipment
(AE) a machine that takes people and goods from one level to another in a building [= lift BE]
in, at, or to another place
feeling nervous and uncomfortable and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have to talk or sing in public, or because you have made a silly mistake
an unexpected and dangerous situation that must be dealt with immediately
1) relating to your feelings or how you control them 2) making people have strong feelings [= emotive]
1) special attention or importance 2) special importance that is given to a word or phrase by saying it louder or higher, or by printing it in a special way
1) to say sth in a strong way 2) to say a word or phrase louder or higher than others to give it more importance
1) to pay sb to work for you 2) to use a particular object, method, skill etc in order to achieve sth
to make it possible for sb to do sth, or for sth to happen
giving you hope and confidence [= reassuring]
1) sb whose job is to design or build roads, bridges, machines etc 2) sb whose job is to take care of the engines on a ship or aircraft