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the work involved in designing and building roads, bridges, machines etc
sth * gives you pleasure
1) things such as films, television, performances etc that are intended to amuse or interest people 2) (formal) when you entertain sb at home, or for business
feeling or showing a lot of interest and excitement about sth
used when you want to emphasize that you mean all of a group, period of time, amount etc [= whole]
to give sb the official right to do or have sth
a door, gate etc that you go through to enter a place [≠ exit]
1) the act of going into sth [≠ exit] 2) when sb starts to take part in a system, a particular kind of work etc, or the permission they need in order to do this
1) a thin paper cover in which you put and send a letter 2) a layer of sth that surrounds sth else
1) to the same degree or amount 2) in equal parts or amounts
1) a mistake 2) a mistake when you are working on a computer, which means that the computer program cannot do what you want it to do
1) to get away from a place or dangerous situation when sb is trying to catch you or stop you 2) to get away from a dangerous or bad situation
1) the act of getting away from a place, or a dangerous or bad situation 2) a way of forgetting about a bad or boring situation for a short time
a short piece of writing about a particular subject by a student as part of a course of study
extremely important and necessary
a calculation of the value, size, amount etc of sth
to try to judge the value, size, speed, cost etc of sth, without calculating it exactly
1) sb who is evil deliberately does very cruel things to harm other people 2) sth that is evil is morally wrong because it harms people
completely correct in every detail
to look at sth carefully and thoroughly because you want to find out more about it
sth or sb that is not included in a general statement or does not follow a rule or pattern
1) the feeling of being excited 2) an exciting event or situation
1) a reason that you give to explain careless or offensive behaviour 2) a reason that you invent to explain an action and to hide your real intentions
a manager in an organization or company who helps make important decisions
1) relating to the job of managing a business or organization and making decisions 2) for the use of people who have important jobs in a company
1) (formal) to use a power, right, or quality that you have 2) to do sports or physical activities in order to stay healthy and become stronger
the state of existing
1) a door or space through which you can leave a public room, building etc 2) when you leave a room or building
to become larger in size, number, or amount, or to make something become larger [≠ contract]
1) what you think or hope will happen 2) a feeling or belief about the way sth should be or how sb should behave
the amount of money that you spend on sth
possessing skills or knowledge because you have done sth often or for a long time
1) a scientific test done to find out how sth reacts under certain conditions, or to find out if a particular idea is true 2) a process in which you test a new idea or method to see if it is useful or effective
sb who has a special skill or special knowledge of a subject, gained as a result of training or experience
the reasons you give for why sth happened or why you did sth
1) to discuss or think about sth carefully [= look at] 2) to travel around an area in order to find out about it
1) to continue for a longer period of time, or to make sth last longer 2) to continue for a particular distance or over a particular area 3) to make a room, building, road etc bigger or longer
1) the process of making a road, building etc bigger or longer, or the part that is added 2) an additional period of time allowed for sth
1) very unusual or surprising 2) very much greater or more impressive than usual [= incredible]
1) very great in degree 2) very unusual and severe or serious
1) one of several things that influence or cause a situation 2) a particular level on a scale that measures how strong or effective sth is
1) a lack of success in achieving or doing sth [≠ success] 2) sb or sth that is not successful [≠ success]
1) a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or sth 2) belief and trust in God
sb or sth that is * is well-known to you and easy to recognize
1) sb who likes a particular sport or performing art very much, or who admires a famous person 2) a machine with turning blades that is used to cool the air in a room by moving it around
1) * hotels, restaurants, cars etc are expensive and fashionable [= swanky] 2) having a lot of decoration or bright colours, or made in a complicated way
1) extremely good, attractive, enjoyable etc 2) (spoken) used when sb has just told you sth good [= excellent, wonderful]
extremely interesting
1) sth that is popular or thought to be good at a particular time 2) a style of clothes, hair etc that is popular at a particular time
your * person or thing is the one that you like the most
the feeling you get when you are afraid or worried that something bad is going to happen
an amount of money that you pay to do sth or that you pay to a professional person for their work
advice, criticism etc about how successful or useful sth is
1) relating to women or girls 2) belonging to the sex that can have babies or produce eggs
a structure made of wood, metal etc that surrounds a piece of land
an occasion when there are performances of many films, plays, pieces of music etc, usually happening in the same place every year
(especially BE) to go and get sth or sb and bring them back
1) to keep papers, documents etc in a particular place so that you can find them easily 2) to give or send an official report or news story to your employer
1) very dirty 2) showing or describing sexual acts in a very rude or offensive way 3) showing anger or annoyance
the management of money by governments, large organizations etc
(especially spoken) in a way that is satisfactory or acceptable
the end or last part of sth
1) to shoot bullets or bombs 2) to force sb to leave their job [= sack BE] 3) to make sb feel interested in sth and excited about it [= inspire]
1) not completely hard, but not soft, and not easy to bend into a different shape 2) strongly fixed in position, and not likely to move [= secure] 3) not likely to change
used to say that the fact or reason that you are going to mention is the first one and will be followed by others
1) to try to catch fish 2) informal to search for sth in a bag, pocket etc
the sport or business of catching fish
1) firmly fastened to a particular position 2) fixed times, amounts, meanings etc cannot be changed [= set]
1) to shine suddenly and brightly for a short time, or to make sth shine in this way 2) to be shown quickly on television, on a computer, or on a film
1) a journey in a plane or space vehicle, or the plane or vehicle that is making the journey 2) when sth flies through the air
1) a smooth steady movement of liquid, gas, or electricity 2) the steady movement of traffic
to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this
1) the thing, person, situation etc that people pay special attention to 2) if your * is on sth, that is the thing you are giving most attention to
the * morning, month etc = the next morning, month etc [≠ preceding]
1) from or relating to a country that is not your own 2) involving or dealing with other countries [≠ domestic]
to stop being angry with sb and stop blaming them, although they have done sth wrong
1) a tool you use for picking up and eating food, with a handle and three or four points 2) a garden tool used for digging, with a handle and three or four points
1) officially 2) in a polite way
1) a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem or to make sure that sth is successful 2) a series of numbers or letters that represent a mathematical or scientific rule
two weeks
1) sb who is * has sth good happen to them, or is in a good situation [= lucky] 2) a * event is one in which sth good happens by chance, especially when this saves you from trouble or danger
1) a very large amount of money 2) chance or luck, and the effect that it has on your life
1) a structure made of wood, metal, plastic etc that surrounds sth such as a picture or window, and holds it in place 2) the structure or main supporting parts of a piece of furniture, vehicle, or other object
1) used to show that you are saying what you really think about sth 2) honestly and directly
1) to allow sb to leave prison or somewhere they have been kept as a prisoner [= release] 2) to allow sb to say and do what they want, after controlling or restricting them in the past
1) the right to do what you want without being controlled or restricted by anyone 2) the state of being free and allowed to do what you want
1) if a liquid or sth wet *s or is frozen, it becomes hard and solid because the temperature is very cold 2) to preserve food for a long time by keeping it at a very low temperature, or to be preserved in this way
a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment in which food can be stored at very low temperatures for a long time
very often or many times
feeling afraid [= scared]
to cook sth in hot fat or oil, or to be cooked in hot fat or oil
a substance such as coal, gas, or oil that can be burned to produce heat or energy
1) the purpose that sth has, or the job that sb or sth does 2) a large party or official event
an amount of money that is collected and kept for a particular purpose
to provide money for an activity, organization, event etc
a religious ceremony for burying or cremating (=burning) sb who has died
1) anxious behaviour or activity that is usually about unimportant things 2 ) attention or excitement that is usually unnecessary or unwelcome
1) to obtain or achieve sth you want or need 2) to gradually get more and more of a quality, feeling etc, especially a useful or valuable one
1) a group of young people who spend time together, and who are often involved in crime or drugs and who often fight against other groups 2) a group of criminals who work together
1) (especially AE) waste material, such as paper, empty containers, and food thrown away [= rubbish BE] 2) stupid words, ideas etc