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a plant like a small onion, used in cooking to give a strong taste
a liquid obtained from petroleum, used mainly for producing power in the engines of cars, trucks etc [= petrol BE]
1) to come together and form a group, or to make people do this 2) to believe that sth is true because of what you have seen or heard [= understand] 3) to get things from different places and put them together in one place
if sb, especially a man, is gay, they are sexually attracted to people of the same sex [= homosexual
1) the machinery in a vehicle such as a car, truck, or bicycle that you use to go comfortably at different speeds 2) used to talk about the amount of effort and energy that sb is using in a situation
a part of a cell in a living thing that controls what it looks like, how it grows, and how it develops. People get their genes from their parents
1) to produce or cause sth [= create] 2) to produce heat, electricity, or another form of energy
1) all people of about the same age 2) all the members of a family of about the same age
1) kind and careful in the way you behave or do things, so that you do not hurt or damage anyone or anything [≠ rough] 2) not extreme, strong, or violent
1) a * feeling, desire etc is one that you really feel, not one you pretend to feel [= sincere] 2) sth * really is what it seems to be [= real] 3) sb who is * is honest and friendly and you feel you can trust them [≠ false]
1) a girl or woman that you are having a romantic relationship with 2) [especially AE] a woman or girl's female friend
a piece of clothing that you wear on your hand in order to protect it or keep it warm
1) made of gold 2) having the colour of gold
used when you are leaving sb, or when they are leaving
good night
used to say goodbye when you are leaving sb or they are leaving at night, or before going to sleep
1) (informal) extremely beautiful or attractive 2) extremely pleasant or enjoyable [= lovely]
slowly, over a long period of time [≠ suddenly]
the basic unit for measuring weight in the metric system
the rules by which words change their forms and are combined into sentences, or the study or use of these rules
(especially BE - informal) grandfather
the father of your father or mother
the mother of your mother or father
(informal) grandfather
(informal) grandmother
a drawing that uses a line or lines to show how two or more sets of measurements are related to each other
feeling that you want to thank sb because of sth kind that they have done, or showing this feeling
food and other goods that are sold by a grocer or a supermarket
1) a * sum of money is the total amount before any tax or costs have been taken away 2) clearly wrong and unacceptable
1) an increase in amount, number, or size [≠ decline] 2) the development of the physical size, strength etc of a person, animal, or plant over a period of time
1) a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time [= warranty] 2) a formal promise that sth will be done
1) sb whose job is to protect a place or person 2) the act or duty of protecting places or people, or of preventing prisoners from escaping
an attempt to answer a question or make a judgement when you are not sure whether you will be correct
1) sb who is invited to an event or special occasion 2) sb you have invited to stay in your home for a short time
help and advice that is given to sb about their work, education, or personal life
1) sth that provides information and helps you to form an opinion or make a decision 2) sb whose job is to take tourists to a place and show them around
a musical instrument with six strings that you play by pulling the strings with your fingers or with a plectrum (=small piece of plastic, metal etc)
1) sth that you do regularly or usually, often without thinking about it because you have done it so many times before 2) a strong physical need to keep taking a drug regularly
at a middle point in space or time between two things [= partway]
a small bag in which a woman carries money and personal things [= purse AE]
1) the part of a door that you use for opening it 2) the part of an object that you use for holding it
1) useful 2) (informal) near and easy to reach 3) good at using sth, especially a tool
damage, injury, or trouble caused by sb's actions or by an event
1) physically strong and not likely to become ill or weak 2) good for your body
1) the sense which you use to hear sounds 2) a meeting of a court or special committee to find out the facts about a case
to make sth become warm or hot [= warm up]
a machine for making air or water hotter
(especially BE) a system for making a room or building warm [= heat AE]
1) the place where God is believed to live and where good people are believed to go when they die 2) (informal) an extremely enjoyable situation or place [= paradise]
used to refer to sth that belongs to or is connected with a woman, girl, or female animal that has already been mentioned
1) at or to a level high above the ground, the floor etc [≠ low] 2) at or to a high value, cost, amount etc
(especially AE) a wide main road that joins one town to another
1) sth such as a film, play, song etc that is very popular and successful 2) an occasion when sth that is aimed at sth else touches it, reaches it, or damages it 3) an occasion when sb visits a website
1) a curved piece of metal or plastic that you use for hanging things on 2) a curved piece of thin metal with a sharp point for catching fish
1) to catch a fish with a hook 2) to fasten or hang sth onto sth else 3) (informal) to succeed in making sb interested in sth or attracted to sth
1) if sth that you try to do is *, there is no possibility of it being successful 2) a * situation is so bad that there is no chance of success or improvement
all the people who live together in one house [= house]
1) to do sth or go somewhere more quickly than usual, especially because there is not much time [= rush] 2) to make sb do sth more quickly
in a hurry
more quickly than usual [= in a rush]
the best or most suitable that sth could possibly be
used to describe the way you would like things to be even though this may not be possible
a stupid person or sb who has done sth stupid
1) (especially BE( suffering from a disease or not feeling well [= sick AE] 2) bad or harmful
a disease of the body or mind, or the condition of being ill
the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind
1) happening or done at once and without delay 2) existing now, and needing to be dealt with quickly 3) happening just before or just after sb or sth else
1) the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on sb or sth 2) the force of one object hitting another
1) a possible future effect or result of an action, event, decision etc 2) a situation in which it is shown or suggested that sb or sth is involved in a crime or a dishonest act
the quality of being important
1) if sb in authority *s a rule, punishment, tax etc, they force people to accept it 1) to force sb to have the same ideas, beliefs etc as you
1) to make sb feel admiration and respect 2) to make the importance of sth clear to sb
the act of improving sth or the state of being improved
1) an event, especially one that is unusual, important, or violent 2) a serious disagreement between two countries
1) extremely good, large, or great [= unbelievable] 2) too strange to be believed or very difficult to believe
1) (informal) extremely 2) in a way that is hard to believe
1) to show that a particular situation exists, or that sth is likely to be true 2) to say or do sth to make your wishes, intentions etc clear
a sign, remark, event etc that shows what is happening, what sb is thinking or feeling, or what is true
1) relating to industry or the people working in it 2) having many industries
1) a continuing increase in prices, or the rate at which prices increase 2) the process of filling sth with air
the power to affect the way sb or sth develops, behaves, or thinks without using direct force or orders
to affect the way sb or sth develops, behaves, thinks etc without directly forcing or ordering them
1) (formal) to officially tell sb about sth or give them information 2) (formal) to influence sb's attitude or opinion
happening at the beginning [= first]
at the beginning
1) the ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for sb to tell you what to do 2) an important new plan or process to achieve a particular aim or to solve a particular problem
1) a wound or damage to part of your body caused by an accident or attack 2) (law) damage to sb's feelings
1) on the inside or close to the centre of sth [≠ outer] 2) inner thoughts or feelings are ones that you feel strongly but do not always show to other people
the inside
the inner part of sth, which is surrounded or hidden by the outer part [≠ the outside]
1) to say firmly and often that sth is true, especially when other people think it may not be true 2) to demand that sth should happen
an official whose job is to check that sth is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyed
for instance
for example
1) happening or produced immediately [= immediate] 2) * food, coffee etc is in the form of powder and prepared by adding hot water
the written information that tells you how to do or use sth
1) the ability to learn, understand, and think about things 2) information about the secret activities of foreign governments, the military plans of an enemy etc
1) an * person has a high level of mental ability and is good at understanding ideas and thinking clearly 2) an * comment, question, conversation etc shows that you have thought about sth carefully and understand it well
a plan or desire to do sth
1) the ability to learn, understand, and think about things 2) information about the secret activities of foreign governments, the military plans of an enemy etc
1) an * person has a high level of mental ability and is good at understanding ideas and thinking clearly 2) an intelligent comment, question, conversation etc shows that you have thought about sth carefully and understand it well
a plan or desire to do sth
1) the act of bringing sth into use for the first time 2) the act of bringing sth somewhere for the first time 3) the act of formally telling two people each other's names when they first meet
1) to buy shares, property, or goods because you hope that the value will increase and you can make a profit 2) if a government, business, or organization *s in sth, they spend a large amount of money to improve it or help it succeed 3) to use a lot of time, effort etc or spend money in order to make sth succeed