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a piece of land completely surrounded by water
1) to officially make a statement, give an order, warning etc 2)if an organization or sb in an official position *s sth such as documents or equipment, they give these things to people who need them
1) a single thing, especially one thing in a list, group, or set of things: 2) a single, usually short, piece of news in a newspaper or magazine, or on television
1) a thick sweet substance made from boiled fruit and sugar, eaten especially on bread 2) a situation in which it is difficult or impossible to move because there are so many cars or people
to say things that are intended to be funny and that you do not really mean
1) (especially BE) a time spent travelling from one place to another, especially over a long distance [= trip AE]
to form or give an opinion about sb or sth after thinking carefully about all the information you know about them
1) an act of pushing yourself suddenly up into the air using your legs [= leap] 2) an act of letting yourself drop from a place that is above the ground
1) (BE) a piece of clothing made of wool that covers the upper part of your body and arms [= sweater, pullover] 2) (AE) a dress without sleeves usually worn over a shirt [= pinafore BE]
1) a group of 12 ordinary people who listen to the details of a case in court and decide whether someone is guilty or not 2) a group of people chosen to judge a competition
1) to give an acceptable explanation for something that other people think is unreasonable 2) to be a good and acceptable reason for sth
(especially BE) wanting to do sth or wanting sth to happen very much [= eager]
a container with a lid, a handle, and a spout, used for boiling and pouring water [= teakettle AE]
very important or necessary
a board with buttons marked with letters or numbers that are pressed to put information into a computer or other machine
1) a movement of your foot or leg, usually to hit something with your foot 2) the act of kicking the ball in a sports game such as football, or the ball that is kicked and the direction it goes in
(written abbreviation km) a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1000 metres
1) saying or doing things that show that you care about other people and want to help them or make them happy 2) not causing harm or suffering
to touch sb with your lips as a greeting, to show them love, or as part of a sexual relationship
1) a set of tools, equipment etc that you use for a particular purpose or activity 2) sth that you buy in parts and put together yourself
a metal blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon
(informal) a laboratory
1) a piece of paper or another material that is attached to sth and gives information about it 2) a word or phrase which is used to describe a person, group, or thing, but which is unfair or not correct
when there is not enough of sth, or none of it [= shortage]
a piece of equipment used for climbing up to or down from high places. A * has two bars that are connected by rungs (=short bars that you use as steps)
a large area of water surrounded by land
a young sheep
an object that produces light by using electricity, oil, or gas
1) a narrow road in the countryside 2) a road in a city, often used in road names
mostly or mainly
1) the act of laughing or the sound you make when you laugh 2) if sth is a *, you have fun and enjoy yourself when you are doing it
sb whose job is to advise people about laws, write formal agreements, or represent people in court
an amount or piece of a material or substance that covers a surface or that is between two other things
1) the position of being the leader of a group, organization, country etc 2) the quality of being good at leading a group, organization, country etc
1) to move or bend your body in a particular direction 2) to support yourself in a sloping position against a wall or other surface
1) time that you are allowed to spend away from your work, especially in the armed forces 2) (formal) permission to do sth
towards the direction or side that is on the left [≠ right]
the side of your body that contains your heart
to let sb borrow money or sth that belongs to you for a short time
1) an official document giving you permission to own or do sth for a period of time 2) an agreement with a company or organization giving permission to make, sell or use their product
1) to move your tongue across the surface of sth in order to eat it, wet it, clean it etc 2) (informal) to defeat an opponent
a cover for the open part of a pot, box, or other container
to deliberately tell sb sth that is not true
sth that you say or write that you know is untrue
1) (BE) a machine that you can ride in, that moves up and down between the floors in a tall building [= elevator AE] 2) if you give sb a *, you take them somewhere in your car [= ride]
the lights that light a room, building, or street, or the quality of the light produced
1) to stop an amount or number from increasing beyond a particular point 2) to stop sb from doing what they want or from developing and improving beyond a particular point
1) to make a connection between two or more things or people 2) to physically join two or more things, people, or places [= connect]
1) a way in which two things or ideas are related to each other 2) a relationship or connection between two or more people, countries, organizations etc
one of the two soft parts around your mouth where your skin is redder or darker
1) books, plays, poems etc that people think are important and good 2) all the books, articles, etc on a particular subject
1) not dead or artificial [= living; ≠ dead] 2) a * television or radio programme is seen or heard on television or radio at the same time as it is actually happening [≠ prerecorded]
1) sb who is lively has a lot of energy and is very active 2) a place or situation that is lively is exciting because a lot of things are happening
1) a particular place, especially in relation to other areas, buildings etc 2) the position of sth
1) a thick piece of wood from a tree 2) an official record of events, especially on a journey in a ship or plane
1) seeming reasonable and sensible 2) using a thinking process in which facts and ideas are connected in a correct way
unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to [= lonesome AE]
1) not firmly fastened in place 2) not attached to anything else
a man who has a rank in the aristocracy, especially in Britain, or his title
(BE) a large vehicle for carrying heavy goods [= truck]
(spoken) in a way that makes a lot of noise [= loudly]
1) a waiting room at an airport 2) a public room in a hotel or other building, that is used by many people as a place to relax 3) (BE) the main room in a house where people relax, watch television etc [= living room]
1) to reduce sth in amount, degree, strength etc, or to become less 2) to move sth down from higher up [≠ raise]
used to say that it is good that sth happened or was done because if it had not, the situation would be unpleasant or difficult [= fortunately]
the time in the middle of the day when people usually eat their lunch
(formal) used to address a woman in a polite way, especially a customer in a shop [= ma'am AE]
1) the letters and packages that are delivered to you 2) (especially AE) the system of collecting and delivering letters and packages [= post BE]
(especially AE) to send a letter or package to sb [= post BE]
1) typical of or relating to men or boys [≠ female] 2) a male person or animal cannot have babies or lay eggs
1) a male animal 2) a man
(especially AE) a large area where there are a lot of shops, usually a covered area where cars are not allowed [= shopping centre]
1) (formal) the way in which sth is done or happens 2) the way in which sb behaves towards or talks to other people
1) a spot or dirty area on sth that spoils its appearance 2) a cut, hole, or other small sign of damage
the activity of deciding how to advertise a product, what price to charge for it etc, or the type of job in which you do this
1) if one thing *es another, or if two things *, they look attractive together because they are a similar colour, pattern etc 2) two things that * look the same because they are a pair
the * amount, quantity, speed etc is the largest that is possible or allowed [≠ minimum]
1) part of a machine or a set of parts that does a particular job 2) a system that is intended to achieve something or deal with a problem
of middle size, level, or amount
1) a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal, especially in a restaurant 2) a list of things on a computer screen which you can ask the computer to do
1) used to emphasize how small or unimportant sth or sb is [= only] 2) used to emphasize that nothing more than what you say is involved [= just]
1) dirty or untidy 2) informal a messy situation is complicated and unpleasant to deal with
12 o'clock at night
(written abbreviation mm) a unit for measuring length. There are 1000 millimetres in one metre.
a small group of people or things within a much larger group [≠ majority]
a piece of special glass that you can look at and see yourself in
1) great suffering that is caused for example by being very poor or very sick 2) great unhappiness
1) an important job that involves travelling somewhere, done by a member of the airforce, army etc, or by a spacecraft 2) an important job that sb has been given to do, especially when they are sent to another place
1) a combination of two or more different things, feelings, or types of people 2) a liquid or other substance made by mixing several substances together, especially in cooking
(AE) mother - used by or to young children [= mummy BE]
to carefully watch and check a situation in order to see how it changes over a period of time
the way you feel at a particular time
1) relating to the principles of what is right and wrong behaviour, and with the difference between good and evil 2) based on your ideas about what is right, rather than on what is legal or practical
the part of a machine that makes it work or move, by changing power, especially electrical power, into movement
a very high hill
wet earth that has become soft and sticky
the crime of deliberately killing sb
a building where important cultural, historical, or scientific objects are kept and shown to the public
one of several kinds of fungus with stems and round tops, some of which can be eaten
1) relating to music or consisting of music 2) good at or interested in playing or singing music
1) a thin pointed piece of metal with a flat top, which you hit into a surface with a hammer, for example to join things together or to hang sth on 2) your *s are the hard smooth layers on the ends of your fingers and toes