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measuring only a small distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to the length [≠ wide
not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes [= nude
a country, considered especially in relation to its people and its social or economic structure
1) your * country, town etc is the place where you were born 2) growing, living, produced etc in one particular place [= indigenous]
1) use this to say that sth is normal and not surprising 2) (spoken) use this to say 'yes' when you agree with sb or when you think the person who asked the question should know that your reply will be 'yes'
1) a * child does not obey adults and behaves badly [≠ good] 2) (BE) if an adult does sth *, they do sth that is not right or good, but is not very serious
to discuss sth in order to reach an agreement, especially in business or politics
official discussions between the representatives of opposing groups who are trying to reach an agreement, especially in business or politics
an area of a town or city
1) used to talk about sb being worried or frightened 2) * are parts inside your body which look like threads and carry messages between the brain and other parts of the body
1) worried or frightened about sth, and unable to relax 2) often becoming worried or frightened, and easily upset 3) related to the nerves in your body
a system of lines, tubes, wires, roads etc that cross each other and are connected to each other
(formal) in spite of a fact that you have just mentioned [= nonetheless]
1) in a satisfactory, pleasant, or attractive way 2) in a pleasant, polite, or friendly way
1) nothing [= zero] 2) (BE) the number zero, used in sports results
1) sb or sth that is * makes a lot of noise [≠ quiet] 2) a place that is * is full of noise
1) ideas, opinions, statements etc that are not true or that seem very stupid [= rubbish BE] 2) behaviour that is stupid and annoying
(spoken - informal) used to say 'no' when you answer sb
1) (formal) to notice or pay careful attention to sth 2) to mention sth because it is important or interesting
1) a person, thing, or situation that annoys you or causes problems 2) (law) the use of a place or property in a way that causes public annoyance
1) a dry brown fruit inside a hard shell, that grows on a tree 2) a small piece of metal with a hole through the middle which is screwed onto a bolt to fasten things together 3) (informal) sb who is crazy or behaves strangely
1) a solid thing that you can hold, touch, or see but that is not alive 2) the purpose of a plan, action, or activity
a reason that you have for opposing or disapproving of sth, or sth you say that expresses this
sth that you are trying hard to achieve, especially in business or politics [= goal]
based on facts, or making a decision that is based on facts rather than on your feelings or beliefs [≠ subjective]
(formal) to get sth that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work [= get]
happening sometimes but not often or regularly
1) a job or profession 2) when a large group of people enter a place and take control of it, especially by military force
one of the very large areas of sea on the Earth's surface
1) how likely it is that sth will or will not happen 2) difficulties which make a good result seem very unlikely
1) an illegal action or a crime 2) when you offend or upset sb by sth you do or say
sb who is in a position of authority in an organization
1) approved of or done by sb in authority, especially the government 2) relating to or done as part of an important job or position
one another
each other
a round white vegetable with a brown, red, or white skin and many layers. *s have a strong taste and smell
1) the time when a new building, road etc is used for the first time, or when a public event begins, especially when it involves a special ceremony 2) a hole or space in sth
1) to use and control a machine or equipment 2) if a business or organization operates in a particular place or way, it works in that place or way
1) to disagree with sth such as a plan or idea and try to prevent it from happening or succeeding 2) to fight or compete against another person or group in a battle, competition, or election
strong disagreement with, or protest against, sth such as a plan, law, or system
1) a round fruit that has a thick orange skin and is divided into parts inside 2) a colour that is between red and yellow
involving people working together in an effective and well planned way
a unit for measuring weight, equal to 28.35 grams. There are 16 *s in a pound.
1) the part or surface of sth that is furthest from the centre [≠ inside] 2) the area around sth such as a building, vehicle etc
a piece of equipment that food is cooked inside, shaped like a metal box with a door on the front
considering or including everything
1) a thick flat object made of cloth or rubber, used to protect or clean sth, or to make sth more comfortable 2) several sheets of paper fastened together, used for writing or drawing
a painted picture that you put on a wall for people to see
1) a round metal container that you use for cooking, usually with one long handle and a lid [= saucepan] 2) (AE) a metal container for baking things in [= tin BE]
1) a sudden strong feeling of fear or nervousness that makes you unable to think clearly or behave sensibly 2) a situation in which people are suddenly made very anxious, and make quick decisions without thinking carefully
1) (especially AE) a piece of clothing that covers you from your waist to your feet and has a separate part for each leg [= trousers BE] 2) (BE) a piece of underwear that covers the area between your waist and the top of your legs [= underpants AE]
(especially BE) an object that has been wrapped in paper or put in a special envelope, especially so that it can be sent by post [= package]
1) the act of parking a car or other vehicle 2) spaces in which you can leave a car or other vehicle
sb who is travelling in a vehicle, plane, boat etc, but is not driving it or working on it
the ability to continue waiting or doing sth for a long time without becoming angry or anxious
a peaceful time, place, or situation is quiet and calm without any worry or excitement
1) a powder that is used to add a hot taste to food 2) a hollow red, green, or yellow vegetable, eaten either raw or cooked with other food [= bell pepper AE]
for each
for or out of every 100, shown by the symbol %
1) to do sth to entertain people, for example by acting a play or playing a piece of music 2) to do sth, especially sth difficult or useful [= carry out]
1) sb's character, especially the way they behave towards other people 2) sb who is very famous and often appears in the newspapers, on television etc, especially an entertainer or sports person
1) to make sb decide to do sth, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it, or asking them many times to do it 2) to make sb believe sth or feel sure about sth [= convince]
(BE) a liquid obtained from petroleum that is used to supply power to the engine of cars and other vehicles [= gasoline AE]
(informal) a photograph
a photographic copy, especially of sth printed, written, or drawn
to make a photographic copy of sth
a group of words that together have a particular meaning, especially when they express the meaning well in a few words
in relation to your body rather than your mind or emotions
the science concerned with the study of physical objects and substances, and of natural forces such as light, heat, and movement
a large musical instrument that has a long row of black and white keys. You play the piano by sitting in front of it and pressing the keys
a small solid piece of medicine that you swallow whole
1) a short thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end, used especially for fastening together pieces of cloth while making clothes 2) (AE) a piece of metal, sometimes containing jewels, that you fasten to your clothes to wear as a decoration [= brooch BE]
1) (BE) a marked out area of ground on which a sport is played [= field] 2) a strong level of feeling about sth or a high level of an activity or a quality 3) how high or low a note or other sound is
1) a * = (spoken) used to show that you are disappointed about sth and you wish things could happen differently [= shame] 2) sympathy for a person or animal who is suffering or unhappy
1) (especially BE) the raised place beside a railway track where you get on and off a train in a station 2) a stage for people to stand on when they are making a speech, performing etc
1) enjoyable or attractive and making you feel happy [= nice] 2) friendly, polite, and easy to talk to
1) a small object at the end of a wire that is used for connecting a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity 2) a round flat piece of rubber used for stopping the water flowing out of a bath or sink
a piece of writing that expresses emotions, experiences, and ideas, especially in short lines using words that rhyme (=end with the same sound)
1) a way of doing sth that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, business, or other organization 2) a contract with an insurance company, or an official written statement giving all the details of such a contract
behaving or speaking in a way that is correct for the social situation you are in, and showing that you are careful to consider other people's needs and feelings [≠ rude, impolite]
a small area of fresh water that is smaller than a lake, that is either natural or artificially made
1) modern music that is popular, especially with young people, and usually consists of simple tunes with a strong beat 2) a sudden short sound like a small explosion 3) (informal) a sweet drink with bubbles but no alcohol, or a glass or can of this drink [= soda]
(BE) to send a letter, package etc by post [= mail]
a large printed notice, picture, or photograph, used to advertise something or as a decoration
likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future [= possible]
1) a powerful person, organization, group etc is able to control and influence events and other people's actions 2) having a strong effect on sb's feelings or opinions
1) relating to real situations and events rather than ideas, emotions etc 2) (practical) plans, methods etc are likely to succeed or be effective in a situation
1) to do an activity, often regularly, in order to improve your skill or to prepare for a test 2) to use a particular method or custom
1) to speak to God in order to ask for help or give thanks 2) to wish or hope very strongly that sth will happen or is true
words that you say when praying to God or gods
if a woman or female animal is *, she has an unborn baby growing inside her body
the process of preparing sth
when sb or sth is present in a particular place [≠ absence]
1) to think that sth is true, although you are not certain [= assume] 2) to accept sth as true until it is shown to not be true, especially in law
before now or before a particular time
1) a feeling that you are proud of sth that you or sb connected with you has achieved 2) a feeling that you like and respect yourself and that you deserve to be respected by other people
a machine which is connected to a computer and can make a printed record of computer information
1) sb who is kept in a prison as a legal punishment for a crime or while they are waiting for their trial 2) sb who is taken by force and kept somewhere [= captive]
1) (formal) to continue to do sth that has already been planned or started 2) (formal) to continue
1) (BE) a teacher of the highest rank in a university department 2) (AE) a teacher at a university or college
1) a statement that you will definitely do or provide sth or that sth will definitely happen 2) signs that sth or sb will be good or successful