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1) to help sth to develop or increase 2) to give sb a better, more responsible job in a company [≠ demote] 3) to help sell a new product, film etc by offering it at a reduced price or by advertising it
1) a move to a more important job or position in a company or organization 2) an activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being promoted
facts, information, documents etc that prove sth is true
used to say that something will only be possible if something else happens or is done [= providing]
1) when you provide sth that sb needs now or in the future 2) *s = food, drink, and other supplies, especially for a journey
1) the attention that sb or sth gets from newspapers, television etc 2) the business of making sure that people know about a new product, film etc or what a particular famous person is doing
1) to arrange for a book, magazine etc to be written, printed, and sold 2) if a newspaper or magazine publishes a letter, article etc, it prints it for people to read
1) (especially BE) a hot sweet dish, made from cake, rice, bread etc with fruit, milk or other sweet things added 2) (especially AE) a thick sweet creamy dish, usually made with milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, and served cold
1) to hit sb or sth hard with your fist (=closed hand) 2) to make a hole in sth, using a metal tool or other sharp object
1) a * substance or material is not mixed with anything [≠ impure] 2) complete and total [= sheer] 3) clean and not containing anything harmful
completely and only
1) (especially BE) a small bag in which women keep paper money, coins, cards etc [= wallet AE] 2) (AE) a bag in which a woman carries her money and personal things [= handbag BE]
to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve sth over a long period of time
1) to have the right to have or do sth, or to give sb this right 2) to pass an examination or finish a course of study that you need in order to do sth
an amount of sth that can be counted or measured
1) (BE) a line of people waiting to enter a building, buy sth etc, or a line of vehicles waiting to move [= line AE] 2) (BE) all the people who are waiting to have or get sth
quickly - many teachers think this is not correct English [= fast]
1) without making much noise 2) in a way that does not attract attention
1) (informal) to leave a job, school etc, especially without finishing it completely 2) (especially AE) to stop doing sth, especially sth that is bad or annoying
the sport of racing horses [= horse racing]
if it *s, drops of water fall from clouds in the sky
1) not seen or found very often, or not happening very often [≠ common ] 2) meat that is * has only been cooked for a short time and is still red
1) to behave in a particular way or show a particular emotion because of sth that has happened or been said 2) (technical) if a chemical substance *s, it changes when it is mixed with another chemical substance
sb who reads books, or who reads in a particular way
judging and dealing with situations in a practical way according to what is actually possible rather than what you would like to happen
1) to remember a particular fact, event, or situation from the past 2) to officially tell sb to come back to a place or group
a set of instructions for cooking a particular type of food
1) the act of realizing and accepting that sth is true or important 2) public respect and thanks for sb's work or achievements
1) official advice given to sb, especially about what to do 2) a suggestion to sb that they should choose a particular thing or person that you think is very good
1) to write information down or store it in a computer or on film so that it can be looked at in the future 2) to store music, sound, television programmes etc on tape or discs so that people can listen to them or watch them again
a decrease in the size, price, or amount of something, or the act of decreasing sth
(BE formal or AE) a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, shaped like a cupboard, used for keeping food and drink cool [= fridge]
1) respect and admiration for sb or sth 2) (formal) attention or consideration that is shown towards sb or sth
an official list of names of people, companies etc, or a book that has this list
1) to put sb's or sth's name on an official list 2) (formal) to officially state your opinion about sth so that everyone knows what you think or feel
the act of recording names and details on an official list
1) at the same time each day, week, month etc 2) often
1) to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with sth [≠ accept] 2) to not choose sb for a job, course of study etc
a member of your family [= relation]
1) to rest or do sth that is enjoyable, especially after you have been working 2) to become quiet and calm after you have been upset or nervous, or to make sb do this
1) when sb is officially allowed to go free, after being kept somewhere 2) a new CD, video, film etc that is available to buy or see
1) to reduce sb's pain or unpleasant feelings 2) to make a problem less difficult or serious
1) to trust or depend on sb or sth to do what you need or expect them to do 2) to depend on sth in order to continue to live or exist
1) to fix sth that is damaged, broken, split, or not working properly [= mend BE] 2) (formal) to do sth to remove harm that you have caused [= mend BE]
sth that is said, written, or done as a way of replying [= answer]
sb whose job is to write about news events for a newspaper, or to tell people about them on television or on the radio
1) when you have sb to speak, vote, or make decisions for you 2) a painting, sign, description etc that shows sth
sb who has been chosen to speak, vote, or make decisions for someone else [= delegate]
a polite or formal demand for sth
to save sb or sth from a situation of danger or harm
a supply of sth kept to be used if it is needed
1) sb who lives or stays in a particular place 2) (AE) a doctor working at a hospital where he or she is being trained [= registrar BE]
1) a refusal to accept new ideas or changes 2) fighting against sb who is attacking you
1) to stop working or doing an activity for a time and sit down or lie down to relax 2) to support an object or part of your body by putting it on or against sth, or to be supported in this way
1) when you stop working, usually because of your age 2) the period after you have stopped work
1) to examine, consider, and judge a situation or process carefully in order to see if changes are necessary 2) to write a short article describing and judging a new book, play, film etc 3) (AE) to look again at sth you have studied, such as notes, reports etc [= revise BE]
1) a complete change in ways of thinking, methods of working etc 2) a time when people change a ruler or political system by using force or violence
a food that consists of small white or brown grains that you boil in wateruntil they become soft enough to eat
1) a journey in a vehicle, when you are not driving 2) a journey on a bicycle, a horse, or a similar animal
1) to tear sth or be torn quickly and violently 2) to remove sth quickly and violently, using your hands
1) an increase in number, amount, or value [= increase; ≠ fall] 2) (BE) an increase in wages [= raise AE]
to steal money or property from a person, bank etc
very strong thick string, made by twisting together many thinner strings
1) a way from one place to another 2) a way between two places that buses, planes, ships etc regularly travel
relating to or belonging to a king or queen
1) a substance used to make tyres, boots etc, which is made from the juice of a tropical tree or artificially 2) (AE informal) a condom
speaking or behaving in a way that is not polite and is likely to offend or annoy people [= impolite; ≠ polite]
1) to spoil or destroy sth completely 2) to make sb lose all their money
a large bag made of strong rough cloth or strong paper, used for storing or carrying flour, coal, vegetables etc
to travel on or across an area of water in a boat or ship
1) a small part or amount of sth that is examined in order to find out sth about the whole 2) a small amount of a product that people can try in order to find out what it is like
a substance consisting of very small pieces of rocks and minerals, that forms beaches and deserts
pleased because sth has happened in the way that you want, or because you have got what you want
1) to make sb feel pleased by doing what they want 2) if you * sb's needs, demands etc, you provide what they need or want
a thick cooked liquid that is served with food to give it a particular taste
a small tube of skin filled with a mixture of meat, spices etc, eaten hot or cold after it has been cooked
all the money that you have saved, especially in a bank
frightened of sth, or nervous about sth [= afraid]
to plan that sth will happen at a particular time
1) about or related to science, or using its methods 2) (informal) using an organized system
sb who works or is trained in science
1) to win a point in a sport, game, competition, or test 2) to give a particular number of points in a game, competition, test, or experiment [= mark]
1) to rub your skin with your nails because it feels uncomfortable 2) to cut sb's skin slightly with your nails or with sth sharp
1) to make a loud high noise with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc [= shriek] 2) to shout sth in a very loud high voice because you are angry or frightened [= yell]
a thin pointed piece of metal that you push and turn in order to fasten pieces of metal or wood together
the written form of a speech, play, film etc
1) a large sea animal that eats fish and lives around coasts 2) a mark that has a special design and shows the legal or official authority of a person or organization 3) a piece of rubber or plastic that keeps air, water, dirt etc out of sth
1) an attempt to find sb or sth 2) a series of actions done by a computer to find information
not as important as sth else
used when you want to give a second point or fact, or give a second reason for sth
1) known about by only a few people and kept hidden from others 2) * feelings, worries, or actions are ones that you do not want other people to know about
1) a situation that is secure is one that you can depend on because it is not likely to change 2) locked or guarded so that people cannot get in or out, or steal anything 3) safe from and protected against damage or attack
1) a small, hard object produced by plants, from which a new plant of the same kind grows 2) (AE) one of the small hard objects in a fruit such as an apple or orange, from which new fruit trees grow [= pip BE]
1) the careful choice of a particular person or thing from a group of similar people or things 2) sth that has been chosen from among a group of things [= choice]
1) reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment 2) suitable for a particular purpose, and practical rather than fashionable
1) able to understand other people's feelings and problems 2) easily upset or offended by events or things that people say 3) easily affected or damaged by sth such as a substance or temperature
1) * problems, injuries, illnesses etc are very bad or very serious 2) severe weather is very bad and very extreme, and very hot, dry, cold etc 3) a severe punishment is very strict or extreme
to use a needle and thread to make or repair clothes or to fasten sth such as a button to them
relating to the physical activity of sex
the dark shape that sb or sth makes on a surface when they are between that surface and the light