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1) to move suddenly from side to side or up and down, usually with a lot of force, or to make sth or sb do this 2) if sb *s, or part of their body *s, they make small sudden movements from side to side or up and down, especially because they are very frightened, cold, ill etc [= tremble]
1) having a very thin edge or point that can cut things easily [≠ blunt] 2) a sharp turn or bend changes direction suddenly 3) a sharp increase, rise, fall etc happens suddenly and is great in amount [= steep]
1) to cut off hair very close to the skin, especially from the face, using a razor 2) to remove very thin pieces from the surface of sth
a small building, often made of wood, used especially for storing things
a long flat narrow board attached to a wall or in a frame or cupboard, used for putting things on
1) the hard outer part that covers and protects an egg, nut, or seed 2) the hard protective covering of an animal such as a snail, mussel, or crab
1) to move from one place or position to another, or make sth do this 2) to change a situation, discussion etc by giving special attention to one idea or subject instead of to a previous one
1) to produce bright light 2) if you * a light somewhere, you point it in that direction 3) to look bright and smooth
1) feeling surprised and upset by sth very unexpected and unpleasant 2) very offended because sth seems immoral or socially unacceptable
1) very surprising, upsetting, and difficult to believe 2) morally wrong
1) to push sb or sth in a rough or careless way, using your hands or shoulders 2) to put sth somewhere carelessly or without thinking much
1) a piece of paper, metal, or wood with words or a picture that gives people information, warnings, or instructions 2) an event, fact etc that shows that something is happening or that sth is true or exists [= indication]
1) your name written in the way you usually write it, for example at the end of a letter, or on a cheque etc to show that you have written it 2) (formal) the act of signing sth
1) in an important way or to an important degree 2) used to say that sth is very important
1) a valuable shiny, light grey metal that is used to make jewellery, knives, coins etc. 2) spoons, forks, dishes etc that are made of silver [= silverware]
sb who sings
a large open container that you fill with water and use for washing yourself, washing dishes etc
a piece of outer clothing worn by women and girls, which hangs down from the waist like the bottom part of a dress
1) a thin flat piece of food cut from a larger piece 2) a part or share of sth
1) to move smoothly over a surface while continuing to touch it, or to make sth move in this way 2) to move somewhere quietly and smoothly, or to move sth in this way 3) if prices, amounts, rates etc *, they become lower [= drop; ≠ rise]
1) a large structure with steps leading to the top of a long sloping surface which children can slide down 2) a decrease in prices, amounts etc [≠ rise]
1) sb who is * is attractively thin [= slender] 2) very small in amount or number
1) to slide a short distance accidentally, and fall or lose your balance slightly 2) to go somewhere, without attracting other people's attention [= slide]
1) a small or narrow piece of paper 2) a small mistake
to become slower or to make sth slower
at a slow speed [≠ quickly]
to make your mouth curve upwards, in order to be friendly or because you are happy or amused
1) white, grey or black gas that is produced by sth burning 2) an act of smoking a cigarette etc
the substance that you use to wash your body
a piece of clothing made of soft material that you wear on your foot inside your shoe
the sets of programs that tell a computer how to do a particular job
a member of the army of a country, especially someone who is not an officer
1) a type of lawyer in Britain who gives legal advice, prepares the necessary documents when property is bought or sold, and defends people, especially in the lower courts of law 2) (AE) sb who goes from place to place trying to sell goods or services
1) hard or firm, with a fixed shape, and not a liquid or gas 2) consisting completely of one type of material 3) having no holes or spaces inside [≠ hollow]
more than a little but not very
1) a part of your body that is * is painful, because of infection or because you have used a muscle too much 2) (informal especially AE) upset, angry, and annoyed, especially because you have not been treated fairly
1) the part of a person that is not physical, and that contains their character, thoughts, and feelings. Many people believe that a person's * continues to exist after they have died 2) used in particular phrases to mean 'a person'
cooked liquid food, often containing small pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables
to make sth such as time, money, or workers available for sb, especially when this is difficult for you to do
sb who knows a lot about a particular subject, or is very skilled at it [= expert]
1) if you * a liquid, or if it spills, it accidentally flows over the edge of a container 2) if people or things * out of somewhere, they move or fall out in large numbers [= pour]
to turn around and around very quickly, or to make sth do this
1) to have a bad effect on sth so that it is no longer attractive, enjoyable, useful etc [= ruin] 2) to give a child everything they want, or let them do whatever they want, often with the result that they behave badly
an object that you use for eating, cooking, or serving food. It has a small bowl-shaped part and a long handle
to notice sb or sth, especially when they are difficult to see or recognize
to force liquid out of a container so that it comes out in a stream of very small drops and covers an area
1) to press sth firmly together with your fingers or hand 2) to get liquid from sth by pressing it 3) to try to make sth fit into a space that is too small, or to try to get into such a space [= squash]
1) a table or a small shop with an open front, especially outdoors, where goods are sold 2) an enclosed area in a building for an animal such as a horse or cow
to look at sth or sb for a long time without moving your eyes, for example because you are surprised, angry, or bored
to suffer or die because you do not have enough to eat
to formally say or write a piece of information or your opinion
1) a limited time of living in a place 2) (law) the stopping or delay of an action because a judge has ordered it
good quality beef, or a large thick piece of any good quality red meat
1) to take sth that belongs to sb else 2) to use sb else's ideas without getting permission or without admitting that they are not your own ideas [= pinch]
strong metal that can be shaped easily, consisting of iron and carbon
1) a road, hill etc that is * slopes at a high angle 2) * prices, charges etc are unusually expensive [≠ low]
1) to raise one foot and put it down in front of or behind the other one in order to walk or move 2) to bring your foot down on sth [= tread BE]
1) a long thin piece of wood from a tree, which is no longer attached to the tree 2) a long thin piece of wood, plastic etc that you use for a particular purpose
1) if sb or a part of their body is *, their muscles hurt and it is difficult for them to move 2) firm, hard, or difficult to bend
1) not moving 2) quiet and calm
1) to move a liquid or substance around with a spoon or stick in order to mix it together 2) to move slightly or to make sth move slightly
1) the organ inside your body where food begins to be digested 2) the front part of your body, below your chest
1) to put things away and keep them until you need them 2) to keep facts or information in your brain or a computer
1) simple and easy to understand [≠ complicated] 2) honest about your feelings or opinions and not hiding anything
1) the dried stems of wheat or similar plants that animals sleep on, and that are used for making things such as baskets, hats etc 2) a thin tube of paper or plastic for sucking up liquid from a bottle or a cup
a soft red juicy fruit with small seeds on its surface, or the plant that grows this fruit
1) continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing 2) the physical force or pressure on an object
1) to emphasize a statement, fact, or idea 2) to pronounce a word or part of a word so that it sounds louder or more forceful
1) to make sth bigger or looser by pulling it, or to become bigger or looser as a result of being pulled 2) to straighten your arms, legs, or body to full length
1) expecting people to obey rules or to do what you say [≠ lenient] 2) a strict order or rule is one that must be obeyed
1) (written) to hit or fall against the surface of sth 2) (formal) to deliberately hit sb or sth with your hand or a weapon
1) a period of time when a group of workers deliberately stop working because of a disagreement about pay, working conditions etc 2) a military attack, especially by planes dropping bombs
1) a strong thread made of several threads twisted together, used for tying or fastening things 2) a number of similar things or events coming one after another [= series]
1) if sb has a *, an artery (=tube carrying blood) in their brain suddenly bursts or becomes blocked, so that they may die or be unable to use some muscles 2) the action of hitting the ball in games such as tennis, golf, and cricket 3) a single movement of a pen or brush when you are writing or painting
1) if you feel or believe in sth *, you are very sure and serious about it 2) in a way that is meant to persuade sb to do sth
1) the way in which the parts of sth are connected with each other and form a whole, or the thing that these parts make up 2) sth that has been built, especially sth large such as a building or a bridge
1) a long hard fight to get freedom, political rights etc 2) a long period of time in which you try to deal with a difficult problem
1) a room where television and radio programmes are made and broadcast or where music is recorded 2) a room where a painter or photographer regularly works
1) to give a plan, piece of writing etc to sb in authority for them to consider or approve 2) (formal) to agree to obey a person, group, set of rules, especially when you have no choice [= give in]
large in amount or number [= considerable]
1) to do what you tried or wanted to do 2) to have the result or effect sth was intended to have 3) to do well in your job, especially because you have worked hard at it for a long time
1) to take air, liquid etc into your mouth by making your lips form a small hole and using the muscles of your mouth to pull it in 2) to hold sth in your mouth and pull on it with your tongue and lips
1) to be acceptable, suitable or convenient for a particular person or in a particular situation 2) clothes, colours etc that suit you make you look attractive
having the right qualities for a particular person, purpose, or situation
a very large shop that sells food, drinks, and things that people need regularly in their homes
1) the meal that you have in the early evening [= dinner] 2) (BE) the very light meal, for example a drink and a piece of cake, that you have just before you go to bed
to provide people with sth that they need or want, especially regularly over a long period of time
1) sb who supports a particular person, group, or plan 2) (BE) sb who likes a particular sports team, and often goes to watch them play [= fan]
sure enough
used to say that sth did actually happen in the way that you said it would
1) (spoken) used to say 'yes' to sb 2) (AE - spoken) used as a reply when you accept thanks from sb
1) the top layer of an area of water or land 2) the outside or top layer of sth
1) an unexpected or unusual event 2) the feeling you have when sth unexpected or unusual happens
unusual or unexpected
1) thinking that sb might be guilty of doing sth wrong or dishonest 2) making you think that sth bad or illegal is happening
1) to give sth to sb and get sth in return [= exchange] 2) to do the thing that sb else has been doing, and let them do the thing that you have been doing [= change]
1) to move yourself through water using your arms and legs 2) when fish, ducks etc *, they move around the water using their tails and fins, their feet etc
1) a piece of equipment that starts or stops the flow of electricity to a machine, light etc when you push it 2) a complete change from one thing to another
1) a small round hard piece of medicine which you swallow [= pill] 2) a small hard piece of a substance, especially one that dissolves in water
1) to try to deal with a difficult problem 2) to try to take the ball away from an opponent in a game such as football or hockey