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a car and driver that you pay to take you somewhere [= cab]
1) (especially BE) a piece of equipment for controlling the flow of water, gas etc from a pipe or container [= faucet AE] 2) an act of hitting sth lightly, especially to get sb's attention
1) narrow plastic material covered with a special magnetic substance, on which you can record sounds, pictures, or computer information 2) a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound on [= cassette] 3) a narrow length of plastic that is sticky on one side and is used to stick things together [= Sellotape BrE; = Scotch tape AmE]
a drop of salty liquid that comes out of your eye when you are crying
a special way of doing sth
continuing for only a limited period of time [≠ permanent]
1) if sb or sth has a * to do or become a particular thing, they are likely to do or become it 2) a general change or development in a particular direction
a game for two people or two pairs of people who use rackets to hit a small soft ball backwards and forwards over a net
a shelter consisting of a sheet of cloth supported by poles and ropes, used especially for camping
1) to examine sb's blood, body etc in order to find out what is wrong with them, or to see if they have taken an illegal drug 2) to examine a substance or thing in order to find out its qualities or what it contains
used to refer to sth that belongs to or is connected with people that have already been mentioned
1) a statement in which you tell sb that you will cause them harm or trouble if they do not do what you want 2) the possibility that sth very bad will happen
1) to say that you will cause sb harm or trouble if they do not do what you want 2) to be likely to harm or destroy sth
1) the passage from the back of your mouth to the top of the tubes that go down to your lungs and stomach 2) the front of your neck
1) a room, house, desk etc that is tidy is neatly arranged with everything in the right place [= neat; ≠ untidy, messy] 2) sb who is * keeps their house, clothes etc neat and clean
1) a long narrow piece of cloth tied in a knot around the neck, worn by men 2) a strong relationship between people, groups, or countries 3) the result of a game, competition, or election when two or more people or teams get the same number of points, votes etc [= draw BE]
a flat square piece of baked clay or other material, used for covering walls, floors etc
1) to move into a sloping position, so that one end or side is higher than the other, or to make sth do this [= tilt] 2) to pour sth from one place or container into another
1) the name given to a particular book, painting, play etc 2) a book
1) bread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides and no longer soft 2) if you drink a toast to sb, you drink sth in order to thank them, wish them luck etc
one of the five movable parts at the end of your foot
a unit for measuring weight, equal to 2240 pounds or 1016 kilograms in Britain, and 2000 pounds or 907.2 kilograms in the US
1) the way your voice sounds, which shows how you are feeling or what you mean 2) the quality of a sound, especially the sound of a musical instrument or sb's voice
the soft part inside your mouth that you can move about and use for eating and speaking
a subject that people talk or write about
1) a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc 2) a short trip through a place to see it
a piece of cloth that you use for drying your skin or for drying things such as dishes
an object for children to play with
1) the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries [= commerce] 2) (BE) business activity, especially the amount of goods or products that are sold [= business]
1) to buy and sell goods, services etc as your job or business 2) (BE) to exist and operate as a business 3) (especially AE) to exchange sth you have for sth sb else has [= swap BE]
1) being part of the traditions of a country or group of people 2) following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different [= conventional]
1) a vehicle that can be pulled behind another vehicle, used for carrying sth heavy 2) (AE) a vehicle that can be pulled behind a car, used for living and sleeping in during a holiday [= caravan BE]
(formal) a business deal or action, such as buying or selling sth
1) to move from one place, school, job etc to another, or to make sb do this, especially within the same organization 2) (formal) to move from one place to another, or to move sth from one place to another
1) to change written or spoken words into another language 2) if one thing *s into another, the second thing happens as a result of the first
1) (AE) things that you throw away, such as empty bottles, used papers, food that has gone bad etc [= rubbish BE] 2) (informal) sth that is of very poor quality
1) a flat piece of plastic, metal, or wood, with raised edges, used for carrying things such as plates, food etc 2) a flat open container with three sides used for holding papers, documents etc on a desk
1) to behave towards sb or sth in a particular way 2) to deal with, regard, or consider sth in a particular way 3) to try to cure an illness or injury by using drugs, hospital care, operations etc
a general tendency in the way a situation is changing or developing
1) a legal process in which a judge and often a jury in a court of law examine information to decide whether someone is guilty of a crime 2) a process of testing to find out whether sth works effectively and is safe
1) sth you do in order to deceive sb 2) sth you do to surprise sb and to make other people laugh 3) sth that makes things appear to be different from the way they really are
1) sth that is difficult to deal with or do because it is complicated and full of problems 2) a * person is clever and likely to deceive you [= crafty]
an attempt to do sth
1) a round pipe made of metal, glass, rubber etc, especially for liquids or gases to go through 2) a long hollow object that is usually round
a series of musical notes that are played or sung and are nice to listen to [= melody]
1) to turn a part of your body around or change your position by turning 2) to bend or turn sth, such as wire, hair, or cloth, into a particular shape
a thick rubber ring that fits around the wheel of a car, bicycle etc
1) extremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at [= hideous; ≠ beautiful] 2) used to describe a situation which is very bad or violent, and which makes you feel frightened or threatened
1) very good, successful, or impressive [= amazing] 2) very bad or shocking [= terrible]
not right or fair, especially because not everyone has an equal opportunity [= unjust]
1) sb who is * has sth bad happen to them 2) an * situation, condition, quality etc is one that you wish was different
1) not happy 2) feeling worried or annoyed because you do not like what is happening in a particular situation
a particular type of clothing worn by all the members of a group or organization such as the police, the army etc
1) (informal) unusually good and special 2) being the only one of its kind
not likely to happen
1) very important and needing to be dealt with immediately 2) (formal) done or said in a way that shows that you want sth to be dealt with immediately
1) sb or sth that uses a product, service etc 2) (informal) sb who takes illegal drugs
unclear because sb does not give enough detailed information or does not say exactly what they mean
an area of lower land between two lines of hills or mountains, usually with a river flowing through it
1) if several things of the same type *, they are all different from each other [= differ] 2) if sth *ies, it changes depending on the situation
extremely large [= huge]
a plant that is eaten raw or cooked, such as a cabbage, a carrot, or peas
1) (BE formal) sb who is trained to give medical care and treatment to sick animals [= veterinarian AE]
1) sb who has been attacked, robbed, or murdered 2) sb who suffers because of sth bad that happens or because of an illness
1) involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people, by hitting them, shooting them etc 2) sb who is * is likely to attack, hurt, or kill other people [= aggressive]
1) ability to see [= sight] 2) the area that you can see
an occasion when sb goes to spend time in a place or goes to see a person
sb who comes to visit a place or a person
1) the amount of sound produced by a television, radio etc 2) the total amount of sth, especially when it is large or increasing
1) to walk slowly across or around an area, usually without a clear direction or purpose 2) to walk away from where you are supposed to stay
1) (BE) a piece of furniture like a large cupboard that you hang clothes in 2) the clothes that sb has
to tell sb that sth bad or dangerous may happen, so that they can avoid it or prevent it
sth, especially a statement, that tells you that sth bad, dangerous, or annoying might happen so that you can be ready or avoid it
1) a line of raised water that moves across the surface of the sea 2) a sudden increase in a particular type of behaviour, activity, or feeling
1) to raise your arm and move your hand from side to side in order to make sb notice you 2) if you * sth, or if it *s, it moves from side to side
1) not physically strong 2) easily influenced by other people - used to show disapproval
sth that you use to fight with or attack sb with, such as a knife, bomb, or gun
1) to have a particular weight 2) to use a machine to discover how much sth or sb *s
1) sb's * is their health and happiness 2) help that is provided for people who have personal or social problems
a strong alcoholic drink made from grain, or a glass of this
1) the colour of milk, salt, and snow 2) the part of an egg that surrounds the yolk (=yellow part) and becomes white when cooked
the object form of 'who', used especially in formal speech or writing
1) behaving in a way that is morally wrong [= evil] 2) (informal) behaving badly in a way that is amusing
1) to turn or twist sth several times around sth else 2) if a road, river etc *s somewhere, it has many smooth bends and is usually very long
if it is *, there is a lot of wind
1) a person or animal that has won sth 2) (informal) sb or sth that is or is likely to be very popular and successful
1) to rub a surface with sth in order to remove dirt, liquid etc 2) to remove liquid, dirt, or marks by wiping
1) wise decisions and actions are sensible and based on good judgment [= sensible] 2) sb who is wise makes good decisions, gives good advice etc, especially because they have a lot of experience of life
a desire to do sth, to have sth, or to have sth happen
1) to stop taking part in an activity, belonging to an organization etc, or to make sb do this 2) to stop giving support or money to sb or sth, especially as the result of an official decision
1) made of wood 2) not showing enough expression, emotion, or movement, especially when performing in public
1) the soft thick hair that sheep and some goats have on their body 2) thread made from wool that you use to knit clothes [= yarn AE]
a room or building where tools and machines are used for making or repairing things
sth that is * makes you feel anxious or worried
1) to put paper or cloth over sth to cover it 2) if you * your arms, legs, or fingers around sth, you use them to hold it
sb who writes books, stories etc, especially as a job
old-fashioned a child or young person