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b... || bunk ; حرف چرند،چاخان ،توخالى
Y... || a language spoken by some Jewish people, which is related to German زبان عبری
k... || ( کسی که در ورق بازی پشت کسی می نشیند و در بازی دخالت می کند
r... || v. quit an office or position; relinquish, give up ; استعفا دادن ، کناره گرفتن
c... || to laugh quietly: با دهان بسته خندیدن
c... || to (cause to) become cold but not freeze ; سرد کردن ، خنک کردن ، سرما ، نا امیدی
s... || to move quickly, easily ; travel on the water ; to control a boat ; سفر دریایی کردن ، کشتی رانی کردن ، با ناز و عشوه راه رفتن
city hall
c... h... || a building used as offices by people working for a city government شهرداری
s... || to damage the surface of something, especially by accident, by making thin, shallow marks on it
...l || a device on an instrument which you move in order to control or adjust it ; دکمه ، مدرج ، تنظیم کردن ، شماره گرفتن
s... || a sharp, metal, wheel-shaped object ; to encourage an activity or development or make it happen faster ; نعل اسب ، نعل زدن ، سرعت دادن
...e || to move easily without stopping and without effort ; to move or progress without difficulty ;
r... || repeat ; to practise a play, a piece of music ; practise in order to prepare for a performance ; تکرار کردن ، تمرین کردن
i... || to protect someone against a disease by putting a weak form of the disease into their body using a needle
s... || a serious disease that causes spots which leave marks on your skin ; ابله